Valheim Second Boss Guide: How to Summon & Kill The Elder Boss

In today’s Valheim guide we show you where to find the second boss the elder tree and how to summon it and easily kill it one method uses a bit of an exploit and the other method is doing it legitimately.

Valheim Second Boss Location

How to actually find the boss location on your map now since the map is completely randomly generated and everyone’s map is different it’s actually possible there is more than one elder boss in your game for example we have one just here and i have another one just over here so starting out let me show you where to find the elder boss.

The elder boss location you need to go to the black forest you need to go from the meadow starting area and find the dark forest area if you look on the top right of the map as we cross over into this area you’ll see the name actually changes in the black forest on the map this kind of looks like a bit of a darker woodland area just over here so as you’re wandering the black forest you’re going to come across these sort of castle-like structures now there’s a random chance.

When you come across these that they’re going to have a boss location spawn point so just here see in this one it actually has the veg visa the elder register location so if you press e it’s actually going to show me a location of the elder boss now it is actually worth going around finding multiples of these because this is one location that’s nearby, however, there’s actually another elder boss location over here as well and these are just summoning platforms so it doesn’t matter which one you go to and use both repeatedly it doesn’t matter but if you’re a low-level run in and click it and then run away without fighting the skeletons if you’re worried about that see this is another castle and it also has a boss location runestone as well.

There are multiple places also in the black forest you’re going to come across these tombs which are again randomly placed and they have these stone pillars around them and basically, they’re going to have an entrance inside them eventually in the dungeons you’ll come across these sort of end room locations and sometimes these will have like a boss spawn location point like the relics outside that we already saw and activate those as well to find the boss location but it’s obviously a lot harder to access this location than it is to run around outside also find tombs.

Valheim How To Build & Sail a boat

Valheim Second Boss

The skeletons that exist in the black forest will actually attack one another as well so sometimes if you run the packs into one another it can make your life a little bit easier now it’s very very likely that the elder boss will spawn somewhere on the map that is not on your starting island so you actually have to sail a boat there so to set sail it’s really easy all you need to do is put a workbench near the water and then if you go ahead and start building and go into miscellaneous find a raft just over here and then go ahead and craft yourself a raft make sure you put it over the water so it actually goes into deep enough water to sail and then just go ahead and drop it and actually jump.

The Black area in the front of the bow and the white wind is where the wind is coming from so if we face the front of the boat towards the wind see the wind goes black and the boat just stands still this is because the wind isn’t pushing the sail forward so instead we need to lift up the sail right now. We need to turn my boat around so we actually going to be catching the wind and now see it goes white so now if we go ahead and drop sail again we going to catch that wind and we actually going to start moving forward now obviously the raft is still a very slow method of transport and sometimes you’re going to have to like zigzag across areas to actually make sure you’re going in the right direction.

Valheim Elder Island & Ancient Seeds

Valheim Second Boss

Once you reach the elder island as see to actually summon the boss we’re going to need to come over to the runestone here and it’s going to explain that you need to burn their young now what this actually means is that you need the ancient seed of the elder you need three of these to actually summon the boss and in order to obtain them you need to come to the black forest area which obviously the boss is already located in and in the distance you’ll see these kind of like pink spawn points which are spawning gray links so what you need to do is you need to find these spawn points throughout the black forest.

You need to destroy them and each one of them will drop an ancient seed so we going to go ahead and use fire arrows to kind of take out some of these from a distance because they will carry on spawning railings as long as you’re in the area so it’s always good to bring a bow with you just to start taking them out before you actually run-up to it and approach it just to make your life a bit easier take out the spawn points with a bow from a distance as well. If we fire a shot over there does 28 damage.

It’s really the great grey dwarf brutes that you have to look out for if you look when they attack you they have a really slow wind-up so if you save your stamina for as soon as they start to wind up their attack and then run away that’s a really good way of like completely dodging their attacks pretty much step back from them as well or if you actually block just before they hit you you’ll stagger them massively and also the grayling brutes that we just killed have a chance of dropping the ancient seed as well so.

Sometimes it can be good to actually leave the spawner alive so the game carries on spawning them and then get unlimited ancient seeds and literally carry on spoiling this boss and farming it for like tons of experience and archery experience which we will explain how to do in a moment it’s like kind of a bit of an exploit but it’s really cool that you have the option to repeatedly summon it so to actually stop the spawner from spawning grey dwarfs you’re going to want to run over to it and then just start yeeting on it see the seedling just inside of it here and now we’ve destroyed it we can pick up that seedling and as see i’ve got 10 ancient seeds now and then obviously you’ve stopped all the gray dwarfs from spawning so we can go ahead and finish off the rest of them so after you’ve got enough seedlings you’re going to want to put them in your quick slot so then you need to walk up to the shrine and you need to press whatever quick slot button you’ve got and then you will summon the elder.

Valheim Second Boss Fight

Valheim Second Boss

We need to prepare for the boss fight because there are a few cheese methods we can actually use to defeat the elder very easily the first thing we recommend you do is actually mine some rock so we just going to go ahead and mine some down here now obviously you may also want to build a place to sleep close by so you have a spawn point and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to craft a bunch of campfires along the edge like this to kind of like zigzag them like so essentially.

Cheese method of making the boss constantly be on fire without even our fire arrows so you’re going to be doing tons of damage to them literally run around in a circle and he’ll just take damage and die so as see built fires all the way around the edge of the stadia where we’re going to be doing this boss fight and the boss is actually gonna run around in a circle and constantly burn the next thing you’re going to want to do is another cheese tactic which actually realized under dig this place by oh there’s a grailing there so actually under dig this area which is pretty funny because it means hide underneath here from the boss.

If you just carry on digging downwards do take care though because you will discover water but as see now we have like a hiding place from the boss he can’t hit me under here because his abilities don’t go through here so as see now got a hiding place where the boss won’t actually be able to touch me if i stand under here in order to get out you basically need to save up your stamina and you need to sprint and jump on that wall and then you’ll be able to get out but what you also want to do is because the boss can’t get you down here make sure you leave this gap so jump down yourself but then you’re going to want to build fires around this pit so that as the boss tries to get to you he’ll just set himself on fire so you won’t even need to attack him essentially.

Easy Boss Fight Guide

Now we can begin the boss fight and we will show you we’re pretty much going to cheese it so go ahead and offer free ancient seeds into this bowl and prepare our bow as well we will show you how to do the boss fight properly after he spawns but first we just want to show you how broken this method is so there you go he’s already on fire he’s taking damage we not even going to attack him.

We will just let him take damage to all those campfires now the trick is is that you don’t want him to stomp attack you so he’s using all his vines we want to hide behind the pillar here so he can’t use his ranged attack on us but obviously every time he summons those vines you’re going to want to move away from him because those vines do a ton of damage so he’s summoning some roots around me so we just going to go ahead and walk behind this pillar where there are no roots.

We can continue to fire down hell upon him from here he seems to be very confused about actually coming over to fight me though which we think is because of all the Valheim fireplaces so what we can do now is we can just jump down the little hole that we made and we can stand underneath it as see he’s walking around above us he’s summoning roots but they can’t get to us because we’re underground and he should walk over here and actually get set on fire again if he doesn’t destroy all our bonfires that surround the area while we’re down here we should just be able to shoot him with arrows like.

This is the way you completely cheese the boss uh with literally no skill required but uh obviously is a very boring way to kill him we will show you how to do it properly in a moment but we can literally just bring him down by sitting in this hole and there’s nothing he can do against us even his range attack won’t hit us it actually hits the ground above us and there’s like an invisible wall by the looks of it come back over here sir, yeah look we are completely immune to damage down here which is absolutely hilarious nothing can hit us and he just keeps setting himself on fire from our bonfires and continuously taking damage we think if you were patient enough you could probably just sit here AFK and kill him slowly by the fire we’ve almost conquered the elder.

Loot him after he dies and we will show you how to do him legitimately now because obviously, this way is super boring and dull so he’s dropped the elder trophy which hangs on your base over here where you first spawn at the start of the game to get his unique ability which increases your woodcutting skills and he’s also dropped the swamp key and you actually need the swamp key when you reach the swamp to access the swamp dungeons where mine Valheim iron and upgrade all of your armor and weapons once again but the swamp boss himself is actually a lot harder to kill.

How To Beat The Elder Boss Properly

Actually, fight the boss properly without cheesing him once again summon it so i just want to show you in melee combat with an axe that he’s very easy to block just parry him like that and then he doesn’t do any damage but just run away from his roots and now we’re going to use our flame arrows because it’s just much faster way to kill him so we’re going to stand behind this pillar here and we’re just going to start shooting flaming arrows at him as to see every time he uses his ranged attack just move back behind the pillar there and he’ll never be able to hit you know the pillar just tanks all that damage that ranged attack hits very hard though so you know don’t stand behind make sure you are standing behind the pillar and not a tree because it does destroy trees but as see like he’s slowly burning to death from these fire arrows and as soon as he like summons those roots underneath you you’re going to want to run to the next pillar and then just like let your stamina regenerate.

Just got some graylings over so deal with these and now he’s run over to come and say hello so start sprinting away from him and we’ll get our bow out again and just start hailing down some fire arrows just keep away from the roots those are like the biggest threats and make sure you always have a pillar between you and him and you literally just can’t go wrong and you’re just gonna carry on setting him on fire there is Valheim second boss defeated.

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