Valheim Mountain Biome Guide All You Need To Know

Valheim Mountain Biome

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about the mountain biome in Valheim. We’re going to talk about so firstly we will going to talk about how to survive in the biome next we’re going to talk about what kind of creatures you can meet in this biome then what kind of resources you can gather from that biome as well as how to summon and find the boss. We will go to give you an easy way of how to tame wolves.

Valheim: Freeze effect

First of all the mountain biome will give you a freeze effect with wood which will slowly kill you unless you’re prepared for it so there’s four different items you can use to protect yourself from the freezing effect and the first one being the frost resistance meat which will be the only thing you have access to at the beginning.

There’s wolf 4 cape and wolf armor chest as well as locks cape but that’s kind of an end game item but it is good to know that it also gives you protection from the frost effect it’s also important to know that the frost resistance meat will only give you a certain amount of time of frost resistance which is exactly 10 minutes and also it’s very important to note that you cannot be wet if you’re wet even if you’re wearing any of those mentioned things or you have the frost-resistant meat you will still take damage as long as you’re wet so you need to make sure you dry out before you walk into the mountain biome which you can do simply by using the campfire.

Valheim: Creatures

The unique creatures you can meet in this biome so firstly is obviously a wolf and the wolf can be a pretty tough enemy at the beginning however after a while you will get used to how to deal with them and they’re not as dangerous anymore and upon killing the wolf you can get raw meat as well as wolf belt and you have a chance of getting wolf fang and the wolf trophy.

The next creature is drake which is actually very easy to take out with any kind of bow and the drake will drop freeze gland and has a very rare chance of dropping a drake trophy the next creature is stone golem which actually surprisingly a stone until you approach him and the stone golem will drop crystals as well as stones and it has a rare chance of dropping the stone golem trophy lastly there is fendering and furniture you can only meet during the night and it will drop wolf fang as well as it has a chance of dropping trophy.

Valheim: Resources

The resources so apart from all the resources are mentioned before that are dropping from the different creatures you can also get the obsidian now obsidian and we realized that it not much different from the normal stone however you can tell the difference by approaching it and as you can see once you approach it should say obsidian deposit and also we need to mention that in order to be able to gather the obsidian or any other resource in the mountain biome.

You need the iron pickaxe you can’t do it with any lower quality pickaxe than iron now the next resource is silver now to gather silver you actually need the Valheim wishbone that you should get from defeating the Valheim bonemass boss which is the swamp boss and upon equipping the wishbone you can see it on the top right-hand corner of the screen that it’s in the effect and once your weapon is equipped and you’re getting closer to the silver deposit.

You will start glowing and you will also hear that sound effect the closer you get the faster the glowing and the sound will occur and when it’s really fast you’ll know that you’re in the right place and that’s the place you need to start digging you might want to dig around a little bit because it’s not always that obvious where exactly is that Valheim silver deposit and then you mine it just as anything else in the game associated with the pickaxe.

Valheim: Find & Summon Moder Boss

How to find and summon the boss and the mountain vine so you shouldn’t have any problems to find those stone structures they’re all over the mountain biome in some of them you will find the boss locator and all you have to do is just approach it and interact with it and it will show you the location of the boss on your map once you know the location of the boss you will need three dragon eggs and you can find them usually in those kind of nest looking thing and there might be surrounded by drake so watch out for them also keep in mind because those dragon eggs are really really heavy so we don’t think you’ll be able to bring all three of them at once unless there’s three of you and once you know the location of the boss.

you have three eggs all you have to do is bring them to that location and once you place all three eggs you can summon the boss now let me show you the easy way of how to tame wolves so all you got to do is just dig deep enough hole in the ground and then just try to kite them into that hole now it might take a few tries also make sure that you have your shield equipped in case one of them will get out you can try to parry his attack which in connection with the knockback effect of the shield it will knock him back into the hull and once you have them in the hall all you gotta do is just throw the meat it could be raw meat could be cocktails could be sausages literally anything that meat probably is work now keep in mind that you have to keep your distance you can’t be too close to the walls but at the same time you can be too far away otherwise they will just stop taming.