Valheim Wishbone: What is Wishbone? How does it work?

Valheim Wishbone

The wishbone does is it senses either buried like iron or silver depending on the biome it’ll find silver in the Valheim mountain biome they’ll find those iron piles the muddy stuff the muddy piles in a swamp and then other than that it will also find buried treasure we’re run over this way we got some treasure.

Somewhere that run past earlier so what the wishbone does that when you get near something will start beeping and be more the closer you get we go as you can see we’re back on one of these spots Viking ship it seems like it’s going to be right. This is two Viking ships side by side or just one big one all right so when it gets to be about that fast you can dig you’ll pretty much be right on top of it you able to find.

If it’s going to or not normally by now we’d find something we’ll check all directions and it’s beeping faster. So we were this fast and then once you get to this fast what we’re after that speed that’s when you’ll know with the wishbone that you’re on some treasure of course with the Viking ships it’s pretty easy to find you just dig the whole thing if you really want to but that is how you use the wishbone.