Valheim Swamp Biome Guide All You Need To Know

Valheim Swamp Biome

Everything you need to know about the swamp biome in Valheim so first, we are going to talk about the creatures you can meet in swamps, and then we are going to talk about the resources as well as unique features of this biome and make sure you stick to the end because at the end we will give you two massive tips on how to make your experience better and swamps.

Valheim Swamp Biome Creatures

The creatures so in no particular order let’s start with the blub the blob is quite easy to kill however you need to be careful because it can poison you and once you kill the blob it will drop ooze and also it has a chance of dropping the blob trophy the next one is the blobs big brother called user and user also can poison you and after killing it.

You will also drop ooze and it has a rare chance of dropping a scrap iron which is actually the only way of getting scrap iron without beating the Valheim second boss and upon killing it will change into two blobs which you also have to kill now the next creature is draugr will drop entrails as well as it has a chance of dropping the draugr trothy the next creature is Draugr elite which as well as the previous version it will drop entrails although it will drop more of them and it has a chance of dropping draugr elite trophy now the next creature is leech which only sticks to the water and it can also poison you but once you kill it it will drop blood box as well as it has a chance of dropping the leech trophy.

The next one is the skeleton a skeleton will drop bone fragments as well as has a chance of dropping skeleton trophy the next creature is throttling which you might be careful with because it can put you on fire although in the swamps it’s not so dangerous because you’re wet all the time and the certain can drop call as well as sort link or very necessary resource for teleporters and the last unique creature that you can encounter in the swamps is rate and rate mainly spawns during the night and it will drop the chain.

Valheim swamp Biome Resources

Resources in the swamps so apart from all the resources and mentioned before on top of it you can get the ancient bark which will drop after cutting down this ancient tree in swampy the next unique resource is guk which you can actually mine from those green kind of trees you need the pickaxe to be able to mine them and you probably need some stairs to reach some of those green thingies.

The next thing you can collect in the swamp is tiddle which is actually not unique to the swamps but it’s quite common in the swamps as well and the next one is tourney flowers which upon collecting give you turnip seeds and that brings us to the most searched for resource in the swamp which is the scrap iron and the scrap iron as we mentioned before you can get them from users but that’s not a very efficient way of collecting it the best way to collect it is from the crypts that’s how the crips look like and there’s plenty of them in the swamps but before you get access to them you need to kill the second boss the elder upon killing the elder will drop the swamp key and then you will have access to all the crips in the game.

In the crips, there is actually three resources you can get the most important one that you’re looking for is obviously the scrap iron which you can get from destroying those kinds of weird looking walls also you can get them from the chests hidden in the crypts but on top of it you can get the yellow mushrooms in the crips as well as withered bones which you’re actually gonna need to summon your Valheim bonemass third boss and talking of which in the crypts you can also encounter those stones and upon interacting with them it will show you the location of the third boss the bone mass.

Valheim Swamp Biome Spawners

There is three kinds of spawners in the swamp biome the first of them is evil bone pile which spawns the skeletons the way it works is basically it will constantly spawn the skeletons until you destroy that the second boundary you can encounter in the swamps is body pile which spawns druggers those big guys and lastly there’s a flaming spawner which actually doesn’t have a name in the game but it will spawn circling.

Valheim swamp Biome Tips

Two tips that will make your life easier in the swamps so firstly you can use the how to raise the ground level and get rid of the water that way you can avoid all the leeches in the swamp and the second tip is if you dig the ground around the flame spawner that spawns circlings so it’s basically surrounded by water and you wait for them to respawn they will automatically die on respawn as you can see they spawn and they straight away get the damage because they’re into the water and they will die straight away and you can collect all the drops they leave.