Valheim Tame Wolf: How To Tame Wolves In Valheim Quick & Easy Guide

Valheim Tame Wolf

We’ll be covering how to Valheim Tame Wolf so let’s get into it.

First, you want to find a location near to a mountain range that can be used for your holding pen it doesn’t really matter where it is so long as you can access it easily and pull a wolf down to that location you won’t need to be too large but you want to provide yourself a platform that you can use to launch yourself out of the pen when you drag the wolf in there also chose to build some stairs on the back of my pen so that could access that same platform for the purpose of leaving food in the pen leave a gap in the fencing so that the wolf can enter the pen.

You’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of raw meat available this is what you’re going to be feeding your wolf during the taming process so this is going to be essential.

Once you’re ready to venture into the Valheim mountain biome you’ll need to keep warm so if you don’t have a wolf coat yet a frost-resistant mead or several well-placed campfires will also do the trick it shouldn’t take very long before you come across a wolf and from there all you need to do is run for the pen once the wolf is inside the pen leap out and close the exit off drop your food inside the pen and then leave.

The wolf is going to attack the pen whilst you’re in the area so walk a distance away and then wait you can check on the status of the tame wolf and monitor its hunger too if there’s no food on the floor and it’s hungry it won’t continue taming so this is why we leave the food in the pen for it the downside of this whole process is that you can’t go too far from the pen otherwise the pen will de-render and thus freeze the taming process.

So you’ll need to stay in the area and find something to do or just afk for a couple of in-game days whilst the wolf tames i’d honestly like to see this change so that we can get on with other tasks whilst taming continues but hopefully that’s something we can look forward to in the future once the wolf is tamed you can hit e to make it follow you and again to make it stay in the area wolves are no joke in combat and can be a nice companion to keep around especially in lower level biomes where you consider the enemy more of a nuisance than an actual challenge.

You can get on with whatever it is you’re doing whilst your wolf companion defends you after you’ve tamed more than one wolf you can keep them together in a pen to have them breed and produce pups this can either be used for producing a reliable source of wolf pelt and fangs or just to create more companions to stay at your side during combat you’ll just have to make sure that they’re well-fed something to bear in mind after you’ve finished your tame is that a wolf will walk into any defensive spikes you have around your base and potentially kill itself so be careful when you head home with your new companion.