Valheim Plains Biome Guide All You Need To Know

Valheim Plains Biome

We’re going to talk about so firstly what creatures can you meet in the Valheim plains biome what kind of resources you can get then we give you a few tips of how to build your base safely in plane’s biome and then we tell you how to find the last boss in the game the Valheim Yagluth as well as how to tame one of the creatures that you can meet.

Valheim Creatures

Start with the creatures so the most common creature in planes biome is fulling now the fooling can be quite scary at the beginning when you first meet them however if you came well prepared you have a good armor you will learn pretty quickly how to deal with them and upon killing it will drop Valheim black metal scrap coins as well as it has a chance of dropping fooling trophy.

The next creature you can meet in the plains biome is a fulling berserker and once you kill the berserker it will drop the black metal scrap coins as well as it has a low chance of dropping the fulling totem which you’re need later on for summoning the Valheim Yagluth boss as well as it has a low chance of dropping fooling berserker trophy.

The next creature is fulling shaman they are pretty easy to kill however they will poof all the other foolings around them so keep that in mind and as well as all the other foldings before it upon killing it will drop the black metal scrap as well as coins and it has a low chance of dropping fooling shaman trophy.

The next creature is really annoying one it’s that skeeto now it hits like a truck so you really need to be careful however they’re extremely easy to kill there’s a couple of ways of killing it we usually either go for shooting it with the arrow when it goes in a straight line to attack you or just blocking the initial attack and then just hit it with the hammer or axe or whatever you have and once you kill the this kiddo it will drop the needle which you’re need for the best arrows in the game and it has extremely low chance of dropping that that’s keto traffic like it literally took me over 100 something that’s ketos before we got one and the last unique creature for the plains biome you can meet is lux now lux is usually spawned in the groups so you need to be careful of that however there are pretty easy to kill and they’re pretty slow and up on killing the locks the locks will drop locksmith lock spelt and it has a low chance of dropping the lux traffic now the locksmith is the best meet in the game also you’re able to tame them.

Valheim Resources

The resources apart from all the resources we mentioned before dropping from the creatures on top of it you can find the cloudberries and plain spim and they look like that and also you can find the flax and the barley now both of them will only spawn in fooling villages so you probably have to clear out the village first before you can approach it and then you can just collect them both once you collect them you can plant them and grow them yourself however they will only grow and the planes buy them so you can bring it back to your main base and plant it there because they won’t grow.

Valheim Base Tips

The base tips now we would highly recommend whenever you try to build a base or an outpost in the plane biome to dig out a bit around your base that way you should be safe like you can still get randomly attacked by dead skeeters however all the other creatures in the plane’s biome will leave you alone all they will just drop down into the peat as you can see here we get attacked by a couple of them and they’re all just dropping down they might do a little bit of damage so you might think about making the pit a little bit wider however you should be generally safe when you build a base like that and you can safely grow your flax and barley.

Valheim Yagluth location

How to find the boss in the plains biome it is pretty tricky because unlike the other biomes to find the stone that gives you the location of the boss it’s actually really hard like it took me longer to find the stone that shows you the location that it took me to find the actual location of the Valheim Yagluth boss we found three different locations of the boss before we found the stone showing me the location but either way if you find a stone you just need to approach it to interact with it and it will show the location of the boss on your map and that’s how the location of the boss looks like now once you get there you need five fooling totems in order to summon the Valheim Yagluth boss once you have them you place them in those little spots here and you just summon the boss.

How to Tame Loxes?

The last thing we want to tell you about the planes biome is how to tame loxes now unfortunately for now it’s a pretty useless process because they don’t reproduce right now maybe later on if you’re watching that video in the future maybe that’s not the case any more however right now you literally gain nothing from taming the locks other than the fact that you own the locks but if you still want to tame it all you have to do you have to build a fence out of stun because if you build it from anything else it will get destroyed pretty much immediately and just kite the locks into the trap once it’s in the trap you block the exit behind him with the stones as well and then you just drop either barley or flax and just wait for the locks to get tamed now suggest you move back a little bit so the lux is not aggroed on you anymore that way it will start taming and once it’s tamed you can pet him.