All Fortnite Bundles List

Fortnite Battle Royale is a popular video game released in 2017. In the game people have to fight each other to the death and the last person standing wins the match. Since its release, over 800 unique skins, gliders and black blings have been released for players to use. The gliders improve player mobility and let you fly across the map, while black blings are purely cosmetic items like sunglasses or watches that players can customize their character with.

‘V-Buck’ is the currency that you earn for playing the game and it can be used to purchase cosmetics. Players have been asking for a way to save on their V-Buck spends, so Epic Games has introduced a new ‘Save the World Bundle.’ Purchasing this bundle will net the player all of the items shown in the photograph above, along with a few more extras.

The freshest Fortnite Season 2 Starter Pack has arrived, and with it, the cost of in-game items has dramatically risen. If you’re looking to get more V-Bucks to unlock the latest Battle Pass or buy new outfits for your Locker, this is a fantastic investment. With each purchase of this pack you’ll receive a heap of extra V-Bucks in your account to use on the most recent Fortnite purchases.

As Epic have done many times before, they’ve announced the latest Fortnite Starter Pack. It’s another Fortnite Pack that will feature the likes of the new ‘Clash’ outfit, the ‘Boop & Beep’ harvesting tool, and a bunch of stickers and even 600 V-Bucks for microtransactions in Fortnite! What are you waiting for? Check it out below!