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Fortnite Guide

The story of this game revolves around a zombie apocalypse where the player has to gather resources and build forts to survive. The introduction of fort building for defense sets this game apart from other survival-based video games.

This provides the users wide a wide area to maneuver their creative skills by building forts and ramps for their defense and survival. You can also collect weapons and ammo and can challenge these zombies in a head to head battle.

The game has a vibrant nature that allows you to rush towards weapons for your survival. When the game first launched the default mode was called Save the World. This mode allowed users to team up in a team of 4 and fight zombies to become the last group standing.

Later a new version of the game was released that became worldwide fame and it was named Battle Royal. This mode allowed 100 individuals from around the world to play together on the same map for the survival of the fittest. You can either play as a solo or in a team of 4. You display your shooting and fort building abilities against real players to be the last one standing.

What is Fortnite fortskins and how to get BestFreeSkins?

Fortnite also allows the players to customize their protagonist. There are different attires available in the game which you can select to change the appearance of your characters. Some of these skins can be obtained by completing in-game tasks and collecting rewards.

There are also deluxe skins available which you can purchase from the website by scratching gift vouchers or by buying ones online. There are different gift cards available for various gaming consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation 4 that allows you to buy the skin you want for your protagonist.

These fortskins create a distinction for your character and are a very important feature of the game. They also depict your playing style and your gaming achievement. Some of these skins are super rare and you have to play hundreds of matches and have to complete many in-game tasks to unlock them. There are very expensive skins available too which you can buy to make your character standalone in the fleet of the other 100 players.

These skins are available in different colors and are also inspired by different gaming characters and comic heroes.

What are Fortnite v-bucks?

Fortnite is a universal game. It allows you to access different in-game features like attires, new stages, new modes, etc. most of these items are not for free so you have to buy them. For this purpose we use V-bucks.

So V-bucks are basically in-game currency that is developed by Fortnite.You can also try this website claims to provide free V-Bucks to its users. It allows you to access the Fortnite item store and buy different skins, gadgets, battle passes and more. You can earn free v-bucks by completing in-game tasks and winning more matches. You can also buy v-bucks through various sites

Fortnite V­-Bucks are not real money or an e-currency. They are designed by Fortnite and can only be used according to the Fortnite rules and regulations. In order to use v-bucks, you need to have a valid and registered Fortnite account on a compatible gaming console. There is no expiration date associated with v-bucks. So you can keep them for as long as you like and can access the Fortnite store for new skins and battle passes!

How do I see all the Fortnite BestFreeSkins?

Fortnite allows users to access hundreds of skins that you can buy or can avail for free by completing in-game tasks. All these skins are displayed in the item shop. There is also a brand new glitch in Fortnite that allows you to get all the skins for free in your Fortnite account. This is very simple and easy and works on all gaming consoles.

You have to follow some easy steps to avail of this free skin glitch for Fortnite 2022. What you need to do is go to the item shop and type the code WRIZ. Now after typing the code you have to go to the game settings. Go over to audio and then select sound and after that subtitles. After that change your text color to yellow and also change the text border to drop the shadow. You also have to change the background opacity to solid.

Once you have done all of this, press the escape button and go to the main lobby. Now go over to the creative option and press create. Now you will load into a creative match. Now you will enter the game world. Go over to the island at the right of this creative hub and jump into it.

Now go to the settings again and change the matchmaking region over to Oceania. Press the confirm button, click in the chatbox, and type “ Unlock.outfit=true_Fortnite” after that type the skin and outfit. Then go to the matching region and change it to auto. It will clear the game setting and you will have all the free skins on your screens.

How many Fortnite BestFreeSkins are there in 2024?

Fortnite has released 10 seasons in total so far. Each new season comes with new skins to choose from. In this way, the game features a lot of skins that you can collect or can buy through v-bucks.

Best Fortnite skins are being released in the item store every day. These skins are distinct from each other based on rarity. They also feature characters from other worlds including marvel. Launch of every new season is marked by an update that adds more skins to the item store.

Some of these skins are released exclusively for a particular gaming platform and have the symbol of that platform like Xbox on it. Overall there are a total of 392 skins available in the game.

These skins are then characterized into various categories based on appearance and characteristics. Some of these categories and number of skin in each category are:

Legendary Fort skins\outfits:

Currently there are 79+ legendary skins available in Fortnite.

Epic Fortnite Skins\outfits:

There are a total of 160+ epic skins released so far in all 10 seasons of Fortnite.

Rarest Skins\outfits:

There are currently 95+ rare skins available after all 10 seasons of Fortnite.

Uncommon Skins\outfits:

These are one of the rarest uncommon skins and they are 48+ in number so far.

Common skins\outfits

These skins are easily available for everyone and are 8+ in number.

Marvel skin\outfits:

These skins are inspired by marvel skins of superheroes and characters and were released after the collaboration between Fortnite and Avengers Endgame. These Avengers skins are very rare and only two of them are released so far.

What are the rarest Fortnite skins?

Each season of Fortnite comes with a release of whole new skins for players to access. Some of these skins are super rare and are available in the item shop. There are many such skins. Some of them are:

  • Hyperion
  • Special forces
  • Radiant striker
  • Bright bomber
  • Hacivat
  • Skystalker
  • Far out man
  • Die-cast
  • Midnight offs
  • Rogue agent
  • Codename elf
  • Ghoul trooper
  • Black knight

All of these skins are very rare. They are not available in the item shop and were only available for a limited amount of time and were later removed by epic games. So most of the people don’t even have access to these skins. Some of them are still available and re-released for a lot of money. So if you are a skin enthusiast and are looking to have an extra edge for your protagonist, you can buy these super rare skins from the Fortnite item shop.

What are the most liked skins in Fortnite?

Fortnite has improved a lot in all these seasons in terms of skin development. They have introduced new and unique skins that make your character even more interesting. The item shop keeps coming with new and unique skins. Some of the most liked skins released through all 10 seasons are:

  • Elite agent: Elite agent was release in the battle pass of season 3. Initially, the skin was not as popular as it is today. It was quite similar to a previous skin Renegade so people didn’t buy it much. But now these skins have got a rebranding in the season 8 and have become very rare
  • Black Knight: Black Knight skin was released during the season 2 of Fortnite. This skin was set up as a reward for completing the season 2. This makes this skin very rare and is one of the most liked skins in the game
  • Omega Fortnite skin: It is the most liked skin in Fortnite. This skin was released in the season 4 battle pass. This skin is very rare and requires a lot of gameplay to unlock this screen. You have to reach tier 100 to have access to this skin. This takes a very long time and hours of constant gaming. This skin is basically a superhero-themed skin that features a full black body armour which is liked a lot in the Fortnite world

Who is the best Fortnite player in 2024?

There are numerous great players of Fortnite around the world but the one who stands the tallest is the American 28-year-old streamer Ninja. His real name is Richard Tyler Blevins. He started his career as a streamer for video games like Halo and later on switched to Fortnite and became one of the pioneers of this game who took the game to great heights and made it popular in the youth.

Ninja has won lots of international Fortnite tournaments. He is sponsored by Redbull and is currently a full-time streamer. He is a great influencer for the modern youth and is considered as one of the greatest video game streamers of all time with millions of subscribers on his Youtube and Twitch channel.

Ninja is known for his fast reflexes, quick fort building abilities, and dead shot aiming. There are many other young talents emerging in Fortnite too including Tfue, Faze Cloak, TSM myth etc. But still, Ninja is considered as one of the pioneers and ambassador of the game who has taken this game to unbelievable heights.

What is the best Fortnite gun 2024?

Fortnite features a lot of guns for the players. Each of these guns is different from each other based on their damage, range, firing rate, scope, burst, etc. heavy sniper is considered as the best gun in Fortnite. This gun is very rare to find. It usually comes in the dropbox that arrives from the sky during the game. So this gun is not easily available for you like other guns.

Heavy sniper has a very high damage rate. Usually, one bullet is enough to kill your enemy. Moreover, it features a very long scope that allows you to shoot distant enemies easily. This gun however takes time to load but is mighty effective. It works on the one bullet kill mechanism. So if you are good at shooting, one bullet is enough to kill your opponent.

M-16 Assault rifle is also considered as one of the best guns in Fortnite. This is due to the fact that unlike snipers this gun is easy to use. It is a multi-functional gun that operates effectively at both short and long ranges. Another good thing about this gun is that it is not very rare. You can easily find an M-16 sniper anywhere on the map. The gun also features a burst mode that allows you to eliminate multiple enemies at a single time.

Where is the best place to land in Fortnite Game?

Landing is one of the most important aspect of Fortnite. This is due to the fact that Fortnite is a survival game and you cannot survive without the proper artillery and defense. Therefore you need to land in a place that provides you with a range of different weapons to fight back against your enemies and enough logs so that you can build your fort for your defense.

One of the best places to land in Fortnite are the Loot lake, tilted town, pleasant park, fatal fields and haunted hills. These are considered as the best loot areas. These areas feature a lot of weapons and also the rear weapons like heavy snipers. If you land perfectly in these places and get your hands on a good weapon, then you have a better chance of surviving and ultimately winning the game.

You can always mark your landing point on the map in the beginning of the game. Make sure that you are well prepared before landing in such a place because these places are often crowded by other players too as they are the prime locations on the map.

Can you gift Fortnite v-bucks?

V bucks are actually the in-game currency for Fortnite that allows you to access different items available in the game`s online store. Fortnite is free but players can always upgrade their gaming experience for better fun using these V bucks. It is important to note that if you buy V bucks, you are the sole owner of it and you cannot directly gift V bucks to another player.

However there are certain ways that allow you to share your v bucks. This can be done by purchasing gift cards available in the Fortnite store from your V bucks. You can also buy bundles that contain battle passes and skins. You can then share these gift cards with other players

Before buying gift cards make sure that these cards are compatible with the person`s console to whom you are sharing. Every gaming console like Xbox, Playstation, Gameboy, Android features its own gift cards. These gift cards can be purchased from various sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc. the player will need to redeem the gift card after purchase. They can then use it to buy items in the game`s online store. You can also gift these gift cards to your friends.


Fortnite is considered as one of the greatest battle royal game of this decade. New additions to the game are being made every single day to ensure quality gaming experience. This game has now become a billion-dollar industry which also opens up career options for young gaming enthusiasts. You can now develop your gaming interest into a full-time profession if you think that you are good at it.

There are numerous platforms like Twitch that offer young players to display their gaming talent and their gameplay videos in front of the local audience and earn hundreds and thousands of dollars. Moreover, Fortnite tournaments are also being arranged both online and internationally that feature a whopping prize pool. So it is developing into a huge industry for youngsters to turn their hobby into a profession.

We expect that our article will enable you to understand more about the game and its features if you are new to it. It will also help you in accessing the Fortnite store and also the v bucks. So download Fortnite now and enjoy the experience of online battle royal like never before.