Symfuhny Fortnite Settings

Symfuhny fortnite player


Symfuhny’s real name is Mason Lanier and he is a 20 year old American professional gamer. He is a very popular twitch streamer and is known for his immaculate fortnite gameplay.

He also plays other fist person shooter and battle royale themed games like PUBG, Counter Strike, H1z1 etc. he is regarded as one of the most gifted players in fortnite. Symfuhny is known for his exceptional building skills and is regarded as one of the fastest builders in fortnite history.

Symfuhny Mouse Settings

DPI: 400

X-Axis Sensitivity: 11.9%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 11.9%

Hz: 500

Targeting Sensitivity: 55.0%

Scope Sensitivity: 55.0%

Symfuhny Key Bindings

Wall: V

Floor: Q

Stairs: Mouse 5

Roof: Mouse 4

Trap: T

Use: E

Crouch: C

Inventory: Tab

Map: M

Reload / Rotate: R

Building Edit: F

Sprint By Default: Off = L-Shift

Symfuhny Other

HUD Scale: 0.80

Brightness: 0.56

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Color Blind Mode: Protanope 10

Symfuhny Fortnite Video Settings

Symfuhny Fortnite Video Settings

Symfuhny’s Gaming gear

Symfuhny uses a wireless Logitech mouse for his fortnite gameplay. This mouse is the G Pro edition and he runs it over a Logitech G640 mouse pad. Symfuhny prefers a mini keyboard instead of the normal sized keyboard. Therefore he uses a Ducky One 2 Mini RGB keyboard to play fortnite. For the sound quality he uses a Sennheiser HD 700 headset. For the display, Symfuhny uses a Dell Alienware AW2518H monitor.

Symfuhny’s Gaming PC specifications

Symfuhny’s gaming PC comprises of an Intel I9-9900K smart processor with an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080Ti graphic card that provides optimum gaming speed and high quality graphics. He uses Corsair RGB RAM. The memory comprises of a 1TB WD blue HDD with a 250GB Samsung SSD. All these are packed inside the latest Corsair Crystal series casing.

Symfuhny’s streaming gear

For the streaming, Symfuhny uses an Audio Technica microphone with a Rode PSA1 mic stand. For the visual he uses the Logitech C920 Webcam. Along with that, he rests himself on a Herman Miller chair. For the voice quality and mixing, Symfuhny uses a Behringer Xenyx Mixer.