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Sypherpk fortnite player


Ali Hassan better known by his gaming nickname SypherPK is a 23 year old professional fortnite player. SypherPK has his own Twitch and Youtube channels too where he regularly uploads his gameplay videos. SypherPK is quite famous for uploading tutorial videos related to fortnite on youtube where he shows different tips and tricks to excel in fortnite.

Gaming organization

SypherPK is a part of team Luminosity and regularly participates in competitive fortnite tournaments. He is known for his high kill gameplays and fast building techniques.

SypherPK Mouse Settings

DPI: 400

X-Axis Sensitivity: 10.0%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 10.0%

Hz: 1000

Targeting Sensitivity: 50.0%

Scope Sensitivity: 50.0%

SypherPK Key Bindings

Wall: Q

Floor: Mouse 4

Stairs: Mouse 5

Roof: L-Shift

Trap: T

Use: V

Crouch: L-Ctrl

Inventory: 3

Map: M

Reload / Rotate: Mousewheel

Building Edit: F

Sprint By Default: On

SypherPK Other

HUD Scale: 1.00

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Color Blind Mode: Off

Brightness: 0.50

SypherPK Fortnite Video Settings

SypherPK Fortnite Video Settings

Early You5tube Career

SypherPK started off his youtube career in 2011. He first used to play the game Runescape till 2013. Then he moved to the game Elder Scrolls and ESO. Later he left ESO due to a ban that was imposed in 2016. He then started playing Overwatch before switching to fortnite. When he started playing fortnite, he only has 75000 subscribers on his youtube channel. Fortnite helped him in making a name for himself and he built a fan base by uploading Fortnite gameplay and tips and tricks videos. He now has over 2 million subscribers on Youtube with over 200 million views on his channel.