Fortnite OG Chapter 4 Season 5

Fortnite’s new season is finally here, and it’s a blast from the past for long-time players. Chapter 4 Season 5, dubbed “OG” by Epic Games, transports players back to Fortnite’s early days with the return of the original Chapter 1 map, classic weapons and items, and more nostalgia from 2018. This unique season is shorter than usual at just 1 month long, but it packs a punch by celebrating Fortnite’s origins.

The Chapter 1 Map Makes a Triumphant Comeback

The star of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 is undoubtedly the Chapter 1 map that veterans know and love. The original Fortnite island from 2018 is back in all its glory, with classic locations like Tilted Towers, Dusty Depot, and Loot Lake.

Players can drop at their favorite OG spots and take a trip down memory lane. Of course, the map isn’t exactly the same. Epic has made some minor changes, such as updating the graphics and adding some Chapter 4 elements. But the layout and terrain remain true to the original. Dropping out of the Battle Bus onto the Chapter 1 island is a nostalgic joy.

Weapons and Items From Every Early Season

Along with the map, Epic is bringing back OG weapons and items from Fortnite’s first 5 seasons throughout Chapter 4 Season 5. The loot pool will evolve week-by-week to represent each early season.

Currently, Chapter 1 Season 5 weapons like the Pump Shotgun, Hunting Rifle, and Boogie Bomb are available. In the coming weeks, players can expect to see the Double Barrel Shotgun from Season 6, Quad Launcher from Season 7, and more vaulted classics return. Even mobility items like Shopping Carts, ATK’s, and Ballers are back!

New Cosmetics in the OG Battle Pass and Item Shop

Of course, a new season means new cosmetics to unlock in the Battle Pass and Item Shop. The Chapter 4 Season 5 Battle Pass has an OG theme, with original skins reminiscent of classics like Rust Lord and Drift.

There are over 50 tiers to progress through in the streamlined 1 month pass. Additionally, the Item Shop will feature OG and mashup outfits fitting the nostalgic season. Expect to see some of your favorite skins from 2018 make a comeback! The Item Shop will rotate daily as usual.

Faster Progression and Ranked Changes

To accommodate the shorter season length, Epic has sped up progression at higher ranks in the ranked mode. Players will also lose fewer points for early eliminations.

Lower ranked players will enjoy faster progression as well, so friends can play together without slowing each other down. Earning Ranked Urgent Quests allows players to unlock special rewards like the Ranker’s Tags back bling. Complete just one of these quests to get this OG-themed bling.

Closing Thoughts on Fortnite’s Nostalgic New Season

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 “OG” is a love letter to early Fortnite fans. It captures the magic of the original map and loot pool that made the game so popular back in 2018.

While Season 5 is brief, it packs a ton of nostalgic fun into its short duration. Dropping into Tilted Towers, boogie bombing enemies, and finding rare treasures encapsulate that early Fortnite feeling. The new OG cosmetics and faster progression also help make this bite-sized season exciting. Of course, the gameplay itself remains fresh and innovative thanks to Zero Build mode and other recent additions.

But the theming and content of Chapter 4 Season 5 brings back the OG Fortnite vibes veterans crave. Whether you’re a Chapter 1 player or a recent fan, Fortnite’s trip back in time is a seasonal delight. The leadup to Chapter 5 next year starts off strong with this nostalgic blast from the past. So drop in, revel in the OG glory, and make the most of this unique Fortnite season!