Nickmercs Fortnite Settings



Nick Kolcheff Better known by his gaming nickname Nickmercs is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers in the world. He is regarded as the controller king of twitch. Nick is known for his insane controller skills in Fortnite.

Twitch Career

Nick started his twitch channel in 2010. He first used to stream his Call of Duty and Outlast gameplay videos. He later teamed up with fellow streamers like Nio and xAmps to make his streams more interesting. When Fortnite was released in 2017, Nick switched to Fortnite and started streaming it full time. He admitted that the transition was quite difficult for him in the beginning but later got used to it. His Fortnite streams grew him a huge fan base and he quickly became the 12th Twitch streamer with over 3 million followers. The 29 year old now has over 3 million followers on his twitch channel.

General Settings (Legacy)

Build Mode Sens: 1.7x

Edit Mode Sens.: 1.4x

Input Curve: Exponential

Confirm Edit on Release: On

Look H. Speed: 47%

Look V. Speed: 44%

Turn H. Boost: 0%

Turn V. Boost: 0%

ADS Look H. Speed: 16%

ADS Look V. Speed: 13%

ADS Turn H. Boost: 0%

ADS Turn V. Boost: 0%

Turn Boost Time: 0

ADS Turn Boost Time: 0.00

Instant Boost: Off

Dampening Time: 0.00

Edit Hold Time: 0.114

Deadzone: 15% / 18%

Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Sprint By Default: On

Controller Binds (Combat)

L2: Aim Down Sights

L1: Previous Weapon

R2: Attack / Confirm

R1: Next Weapon

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Place Marker

D-Pad Right: Map

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Switch Mode

Square: Reload / Interact

Touch Pad: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross (SCUF 1): Jump

Triangle (SCUF 2): Edit

R3: Crouch / Repair

View Button: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

L3: Sprint / Auto Sprint

Controller Binds (Build)

L2: Stair Piece

L1: Roof Piece

R2: Wall Piece

R1: Floor Piece

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Rotate

D-Pad Right: Change Mats / Trap

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Switch Mode

Square: Trap / Interact

Touch Pad: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross (SCUF 1): Jump

Triangle (SCUF 2): Edit

R3: Crouch / Repair

L3: Sprint / Auto Sprint

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Edit)

L2: Reset

L1: Unbound

R2: Select

R1: Unbound

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Unbound

D-Pad Right: Squad Comms

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Triangle (SCUF 2): Confirm

Square: Unbound

Touch Pad: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross (SCUF 1): Jump

L3: Sprint / Auto Sprint

R3: Crouch / Repair

Circle: Unbound

Options Button: Game Menu


HUD Scale: 90%

Brightness: 100%

Color Blind Mode: Tritanope 6

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Video Settings

YouTube fame

Nick is also quite famous on YouTube and has over 2 million subscribers. He regularly uploads his gameplay videos and tutorials.

Gaming team

Nick is a part of Faze clan. He left his previous team called 100 Thieves and joined Faze clan just one week after leaking.

Tournament Winnings

Nick has participated in various gaming tournaments throughout his gaming career starting from gears of wars tournament to Fortnite battle royale. He has won over 125,000 dollars from professional gaming tournaments.

Best Controller player

Nickmercs is regarded as one of the first pros who actually introduced controller gameplay. He promoted controller use through his Twitch streams. He is widely regarded as the best controller player for Fortnite. He currently uses a SCUF Infinity 4PS Pro gaming controller for his Fortnite streams.