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Aydan Conrad better known by his gaming nickname Ghost Aydan is a professional e-sports player who was born in United States on 25th April 1999. He started of his professional gaming career from twitch where he would regularly upload his live gameplay streams. Aydan later rose to fame by playing competitive Fortnite under the name of team Ghost Gaming.


Aydan is recognized as one of the best builders in Fortnite battle royale history. His building skills and tower maintaining speed is incredible. He is also a naturally gifted shooter and has a really good mind set for gaming.

General Settings (Legacy)

Build Mode Sens: 1.9x

Edit Mode Sens.: 1.8x

Input Curve: Linear
Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Look H. Speed: 44%

Look V. Speed: 42%

Turn H. Boost: 0%

Turn V. Boost: 0%

ADS Look H. Speed: 16%

ADS Look V. Speed: 19%

ADS Turn H. Boost: 0%

ADS Turn V. Boost: 0%

Turn Boost Time: 0.20

ADS Turn Boost Time: 0.20

Instant Boost: Off

Dampening Time: 0.00

Edit Hold Time: 0.100

Deadzone: 0.12 / 0.12

Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Sprint By Default: On

Controller Binds (Combat)

L2T: Aim Down Sights

L1: Previous Weapon

R2: Attack / Confirm

R1: Next Weapon

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Place Marker

D-Pad Right:Unbound

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Triangle: Switch Mode/ Edit

Square: Reload / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Circle: Edit

R3: Crouch / Repair

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Build)

L2: Stair Piece

L1: Roof Piece

R2: Wall Piece

R1: Floor Piece

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left:Change Mats / Trap

D-Pad Right: Rotate

D-Pad Down: Unbound

Triangle: Switch Mode

R3: Trap / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Circle: Edit

R3: Trap / Interact

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Edit)

L2: Unbound

L1: Reset

R2: Unbound

R1: Select

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Unbound

D-Pad Right: Squad Comms

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Confirm

Triangle: Unbound

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Square: Crouch

R3: Unbound

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu


HUD Scale: 0.80

Brightness: 0.80

Color Blind Mode: Deuteranope 5

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Video Settings

Aydan Fortnite Video Settings


Aydan has been associated with fellow gamer Nick Kolcheff. He also defeated him in a one on one Fortnite match. This match gained a lot of viewers and was publicized heavily.

Competitive history

Aydan has competed in a lot of competitive Fortnite tournaments. He also participated in the 2018 Summer Skirmish Series Tournament by Epic Games.