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Faze Sway’s real name is Josue and he was a huge video game lover when growing up. He started playing Fortnite during his high school days and quickly grew a fan base and became one of the most popular Fortnite youtuber of all time.

Early Gaming Career and joining Team Vicious

Sway started his youtube career with Call of Duty gameplay here he displayed incredible shooting skills and movement. He uploaded his first fortnite video in 2017, one month after the game was released. He witnessed a rise in views and began prioritising fortnite over other games on his channel. He kept creating fortnite videos and he was later picked up by a small fortnite team called Vicious. After joining this team, his name was becoming recognized in the online gaming community due to his insane skills.

General Settings (Legacy)

Build Mode Sens: 2.0x

Edit Mode Sens.: 2.0x

Input Curve: Linear

Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Look H. Speed: 44%

Look V. Speed: 44%

Turn H. Boost: 0%

Turn V. Boost: 0%

ADS Look H. Speed: 11%

ADS Look V. Speed: 11%

ADS Turn H. Boost: 0%

ADS Turn V. Boost: 0%

Turn Boost Time: 0

ADS Turn Boost Time: 0.00

Instant Boost: Off

Dampening Time: 0.00

Edit Hold Time: 0.100

Deadzone: 0.05 / 0.05

Aim Assist Strength: 100%

Sprint By Default: On

Controller Binds (Combat)

L2: Aim Down Sights

L1: Previous Weapon

R2: Attack / Confirm

R1: Next Weapon

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Place Marker

D-Pad Right:Replay Last Emote

D-Pad Down: Squad Comms

Circle: Switch Mode

Square: Reload / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Triangle: Edit

R3: Crouch / Repair

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Build)

L2: Stair Piece

L1: Roof Piece

R2: Wall Piece

R1: Floor Piece

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Change Mats / Trap

D-Pad Right: Replay Last Emote

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Switch Mode

Square: Trap / Interact

L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Triangle: Edit

R3: Rotate / Repair / Trap

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu

Controller Binds (Edit)

L2: Unbound

L1: Reset

R2: Select

R1: Unbound

D-Pad Up: Inventory

D-Pad Left: Unbound

D-Pad Right: Replay Last Emote

D-Pad Down: Emote / Replay

Circle: Confirm


L3: Toggle Pickaxe

Cross: Jump

Square: Unbound

R3: Unbound

Touch Pad: Map

Options Button: Game Menu


HUD Scale: 0.60

Brightness: 0.70

Color Blind Mode: Tritanope 10

NVIDIA Settings: Default

Video Settings

Initiating Build Battles

He later started initiating build battle videos on his channel where he used to take on high level builders. This was the period before playground was even created. Sway focused on engaging in as many build battles as he could and this contributed a lot in improving his gaming mechanics and skills.

Introduction to Fortnite Playground

Sway really took off when the fortnite playground was introduced on July 25th. He had already pushed his building skills to great limits therefore the playground was a dream come true for him. He introduced a new technique for building at extremely high speed.

Joining Faze Clan

Due to his noticeable gameplay and extremely good building abilities, Sway was picked up on March 12th 2019 by one of the most well-known organization called Faze Clan. His talent reached great heights and his youtube subscriber count doubled after joining Faze clan.

Youtube Subscribers

Sway now has over 2.7 million youtube subscribers.

Best Controller Player

Faze was also invited on big money competitions like Fortnite Friday where he dominated the show with his skills and performance. There he proved to everyone why he deserves the title of Best Controller Player in the world.

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