Eryctriceps Fortnite Settings



Eryctriceps is a 17-year-old professional Fortnite player and streamer. He was previously known for being one of the best players of the battle royale style game called H1z1. He later switched to Fortnite and excelled in the game due to his insane shooting skills and rapid building abilities.

Fortnite Records

Eryctriceps holds the record for getting the most kills in a Fortnite season. He was listed as the top 1 player in the Fortnite season 4 Kills leaderboard.

ErycTriceps Mouse Settings

DPI: 400

X-Axis Sensitivity: 13.0%

Y-Axis Sensitivity: 13.0%

Hz: 1000

Targeting Sensitivity: 70.0%

Scope Sensitivity: 70.0%

ErycTriceps Key Bindings

Wall: Q

Floor: Mouse T

Stairs: F

Roof: C

Trap: Z

Use: G

Crouch: X

Inventory: L-Alt

Map: Tab

Reload / Rotate: R

Building Edit: G

Confirm Edit on Release: Off

Harvesting Tool: 1

Weapon Slot 1: 2

Weapon Slot 2: 3

Weapon Slot 3: 4

Weapon Slot 4: 5

Weapon Slot 5: 6

ErycTriceps Other

HUD Scale: 70%

Sprint By Default: On

NVIDIA Settings: Digital Vibrance 75%

ErycTriceps Fortnite Video Settings


Windowed Mode: Fullscreen

Resolution: 1680×1050

Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited


Brightness: 75%

Interface Contrast: 1x

Color Blind Mode & Strength: Deuteranope 6

Graphics Quality

View Distance: Epic

Shadows: Off

Anti-Aliasing: Off

Textures: Medium

Effects: Low

Post Processing: Low

Advanced Graphics

VSync: Off

Motion Blur: Off

Allow Multithreaded Rendering: On

Twitch Channel

Eryctriceps has over 18 million views on his twitch channel. He streams mostly Counterstrike and Fortnite gameplay videos. He has also received over 500,000 likes on his twitch channel.

Gaming Gear

Eryctriceps uses a BENQ XL2540 monitor for his gameplay. On the mouse, he prefers a G-Wolves Hati black edition mouse with a Divina Blue edition Zowie mouse pad. He uses an RGB keyboard like most of the gamers. His keyboard is a Steelseries Apex Pro TKL keyboard. For the sound quality, Eryctriceps uses a Sennheiser HD 660 S Headset.

PC Setup

Eryctriceps Gaming PC consists of an Intel Core I9-900K processor supported by an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Ti graphic card. For the mainboard, he uses an ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Mainboard.