Black Knight Fortnite Skin


The black knight is a cosmetic item that can be purchased from the shop by reaching tier 70. skin is in black colour that has a pretty back bling. It is available in season 2 and you have to cross many levels to reach there. It is a pretty rare skin that represents the odious scourge of wailing woods.

This is one of the tough guys skin as you can see by the armor of the skin and its red eyes. This skin rarity is legendary and the source of this skin is Battle Pass. The character of this skin is Jonesy. This is a male only skin and this skin is also worn by the scourge you might come across in the Wailing Woods.

Fortnite Black Knight Skin Details

Skin Name Black Knight
Release Date 12/14/2017
Last Seen 02/21/2018
Rarity Legendary
Type Outfit
Availability Battle Pass
Battle Pass Season 2
Battle Pass Tier 70
Categories Male

How to Reach?

When you reached Tier 70 in Season 2 Battle Pass.


This Skin is quite popular and it is because of the design of this skin it is quite detailed and resembles a knight armed in jet black clothes with a black vest, pants and a black hem.

How to get it?

This is a legendary skin & it’s available for purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop when listed. This Skin is a reward given to the people who passed the Tier 70 of the Battle Pass for the Season 2 in Fortnite. The players had to purchase the Battle Pass from the Cash Shop and then play it to reach level 70 to get the Knight Skin. But I have a bad new for you guys that this skin is no longer available and it isn’t coming back so you should start looking through other skins.

Black Knight Gameplay


Fortnite incorporates Sets to keep the game more appealing and set a theme. As most of the skins belong to a set this also belongs to a set too. So let’s get into the items of this set.


Red Knight

Sir Glider the Brave

Sir Glider the Brave


Blue Squire

Royale Knight

Royal Knight


Black Shield

Royale Shield

Royal Shield


Squire Shield


Red Shield