Valheim Meadows Biome: Complete Guide & Tips

valheim meadows biome

You are dropped into the meadows and you just want to know how to survive your typical aspects of most survival games kind of come into play.

First off you’ve just got your fists on you so you’re going to start punching trees and that’s going to be how you’re going to start to get wood because that’s just how you start off now you’re also going to end up getting the ability to craft just a handful of things to start off the game most importantly like you want to make sure you have torches on you and whatnot and start making the clubs and the axe.

You’re going to be attacked by these graylings which these guys aren’t too bad when you’re first starting out using your torch or a club a few hits and they’re pretty dumb they’re not too threatening but they are the main enemy you see in the meadows on top of that surrounding in the meadows.

Valheim: Killing the Boars

You will see boars and you see deer you’ll start killing the boars as quickly as possible to start gaining your meat and that and when you can start killing the deer a bit easier you’re going to start getting more hides and stuff that’s going to be kind of your basic premise when you’re starting off in the meadows focus on the bores focus on breaking down the trees focus on getting the wood get your stone axe so you can more easily cut down trees.

Valheim: Find Stones

You’re also going to find stones you’re not going to be able to mine stones yet but you will find stones on the ground that you’re going to be able to pick up that is going to be one of the first things you find you’re going to see them and you’re going to see other branches as well kicking around so you don’t always have to punch trees so you will find these materials just kind of spread throughout this biome it’s also the biome where you have the forsaken altars in order to sacrifice the bosses.

Valheim: Build Your Base

It’s also in your map you’re going to have either is the Valheim first boss so your first goal when you’re playing is to work up to taking on either but most importantly you’re going to want to craft a Valheim hammer when you’re first starting out start getting your base established you will start with the basics the wood walls and that get a crafting bench down make sure you get some walls and a roof over it craft bed stuff like that search for berries you’re just kind of find little things as you go it’s really straightforward in that terms it’s not too bad to figure out if you played a survival game before so very basic gathering wooden stone dropping down stuff getting a little house together and your workbench and a bed and then you’ll start to get stuff as you advance as you go on.

Valheim: Make Weapons

Now you need to work up to getting the materials required to make a bow and using the bow will make hunting deer a lot easier then you’re going to start to get enough leather from all the bores of that you’ll start to craft your leather armor once you’ve got your leather armor and you’ve got your bow situated maybe a club and whatnot you can stock up on stuff you can even start making once you get some of those feathers and the resin you can start making fire arrows as well we recommend crafting fire arrows to take on clear if you’re soloing him he’s not too hard of a boss to take on you know just dodge those lightning attacks.

Valheim Tips

In Valheim is always touch everything pick everything up you can farm that resource that you can it’s worth it you unlock your recipes as you go so you’ll start to get the hang of it in no time but defeating either is the first step into advancing the game because we’re going to go over what you get from defeating actor and what sets you on your way to the black force which is the second biome so the meadows are pretty chill at night.

You’ll start to you know you will get sometimes you’ll see other enemies running especially as the game progresses your base will come under attack from different swarms but on top of that, you’ll also find necks they’re usually either you like you’ll see them these little lizard guys are kind of running around the meadows sometimes in groups or mostly by the water they’re again fairly easy to kill and you want to kill the necks because you’re going to cook them up for their tails that’s another good source of meat so between that and the meat you get from the bores and from the deer that’s your main food source but start getting stuff together.

Valheim: Get Dear Leather

Get that dear leather you’re need everything to start crafting as you go along let’s start off simple it’s really straightforward there’s not a lot to go over other than just kind of explaining to you to just don’t get overwhelmed and use your kind of instincts like any other survival game so just build your shelter farm the trees do all that you will get there as time goes on and again another important resource to get we do want to mention is that you want to be going to you know the ocean side.

You’re looking along the shores for flint you want to gather flint as well as a resource that’s used in a lot of different recipes as well we should that’s definitely something that we should mention make sure you’re gathering flint as well but in general that pretty much covers it you know you get a lot of resources it starts off your game and you just smack these railings whenever they come to town but other than that yeah the grayling’s dropped the resin you need the resin for a handful of things but it will like working up to either craft your bow get your arrows to get your leather armor and then go take on either because that’s honestly like the first step to progressing in this game.