Valheim Iron Sledge: How to Get Iron Sledge Hammer Guide

Valheim - How to get Iron Sledge

Today’s be a tutorial on how to get Iron Sledge it’s a hammer you’ll get access to roughly after you beat the second boss. These are going to be the ingredients you need:

  • 10 ancient bark
  • 30 iron
  • 4 ymir flesh
  • draugr elite trophy

This comes from the Valheim swamp biome this comes from the trader which we pretty sure you find in the black forest biome the way we found them as you traveled to the map location for the second boss which was here and when you just got about here this icon for the trader automatically popped up that’s where you buy the mirror flash so we guessing you either just find him randomly in a black forest biome the traitor or you maybe find him when you get near the elder boss.

If you go into the crips or not the crips the dungeons in the black forest you’ll find these little runes that you can look at and it marks your map for the boss location go there see if you can find the trader if not you might just have to randomly search black forest biomes until you find the trader which is this guy here so you’re you buy those things using coin invaluable those also you can find in dungeons as well as crips in the swamp so anything that says already sold all mine but keeps valheim gold coin and then valheim amber pearls rubies things that when you hover them it says valuable is going to be what you want to keep to give to the trader.

Get valheim Draugr Elite Trophy

Valheim - How to get Iron Sledge

You can sell all that and get more gold and just buy the valheim ymir flash you need four of them so the only thing on this list that’s going to be particularly hard to get the valheim draugr elite trophy seems to be a little bit of a rare drop the rest you can literally just kind of grind out the valheim iron is easy to grind you just go to the crips. The mirror flesh you kind of the same thing the hardest bottleneck there is going to be finding the trader and he’s exclusive to the black forest biome that’s just where he popped up for our world so anyways we show you the method for getting the Valheim draugr elite trophy and went to the swamp biome made a little treehouse.

You have this is terrible you spawned to the valheim third boss and failed to beat him so this is neither here nor there or really related to today’s video this place has become a hellscape but basically you want to just do what did and set up a little treehouse out in the swamp the key to this tutorial is to not summon bone mass if you want to farm a draugr spawner because that it’s just going to create a whole lot of problems for you so you had a couple draugr responders.

There’s one still left and that’s what it looks like it spawns draugr you just kill them over and over and we show you the hammer here you just kill these over and overcareful not to break the spawners there’s a draugr elite right now and yeah you just farm those until they drop one. A draugr or elite trophy that’s going to be probably the hardest thing to find that in the trader so yeah once you get to the swamp bound you can get the iron sledge so a little bit about this weapon and what you want to use it for this does basically the same damage as an iron mace it’s blunt 55 and still don’t know what this little bonus range 21 to 38 is don’t know if that’s like a crit or actually think just figured it out if we do not mistakenly think that’s the maybe the bonus damage against enemies who are weak against this type.