Valheim First Boss: How To Beat The First Boss Eikthyr Guide

Valheim First Boss

Today we going to show you how to quickly and easily beat the Valheim First Boss, what you need to do is you need to make sure that you have a bow any bow will work we using just a level two crude bow doesn’t have to be level two it can be level one and then you just need a bunch of wooden arrows we advise leveling bow skill a little bit before you come to fight just use the bow to farm the deer trophies that you need to come to fight him you can do it as soon as you get you but you need a lot more arrows.

Create a Workstation

Create a Workstation

Bring however many you need depending on how much damage you’re doing so what you going to do before we initiate the fight are you going to create a workstation close by to the altar so you can see the altar you’re going to come to this symbol wherever it is on the map that’s the altar that you going to use to summon him and then what you going to do is just find a place where this station will go down that’s a little bit of a distance from the said altar and then go to the place down crafting station then Grab one of the pillars place that down and then grab one of the ceiling pieces.

Just snap it to the top because we like the way this looks better but you get a general idea and then what you do is those should snap to the end there and then just delete the middle one and get wood back so then you have a structure that looks like this now what you’re going to do is you’re going to grab the wooden ladder and you’re put that and then you rotate it up at the top put another one and then you’re just snap a piece to the top.

Create stake Wall

Create stake Wall

Now grab pillar again and you need to make sure that this has the support that’s why you extending the pillars up like this there is support necessary in this game it’s nothing too crazy but you do need support so there we go so that’s little structure there nothing too crazy now what you can do because some of his attacks can knock you backward and what we like to do is put a small half wall on the edges just that way he can’t knock us out and we can shoot down over top so now what we want to do is put a stake wall around this.

The reason that you doing that is to kind of keep him away from it a little bit his lightning attack does damage everything because it’s a big one but it doesn’t do as much damage as if he were to come up and headbutt his headbutt damage does a lot so if he destroys anything we want him destroying this wall and not what you standing on so what you going to do we just going to leave a small gap there just big enough make sure we can fit through it we can’t so we going to move it out just a little bit more be fine and then you just going to bring it on around and then close it if the station is in the way all you have to do is just delete your station you get all 10 wood back and then go back into crafting and then just move it to wherever it’ll place.

Now you just go back to placing the wall around it doesn’t have to be any specific design just make sure that it is a little bit out from the structure. Before we start the fight and there are a few things to keep in mind so the one you can remove the workbench but you don’t have to if you do not remove it you can actually take a hammer and set it to repairs and do repairs mid-fight we don’t recommend doing that it should be fire he should not destroy any of this.

Wait For Rested Buff

Valheim First Boss

If everything goes as planned if it doesn’t but it should go as is planned the next thing you want to do is make sure you have the rested buff and it’s maxed out as much as it can be now you can go back to the house and do it there before you come and do the fight or you can just slap down a campfire like so unequip the hammer hit x to set down and then wait patiently until the rested buff up there goes to eight minutes.

Once it hits eight minutes it’ll hold eight minutes until you get up before you get up make sure you eat one neck tail one of the cooked meat and one mushroom this is going to give you a bunch of health and it is also going to give you a bunch of stamina.

Just going to unequip all of the armor you do not unequip all of the armor you have the best armor on that you can have but we want to show you that you don’t need the armor really good armor on right now so this dude isn’t going to hit me very hard if he does manage to hit me and we want to show you that you can do this super early game really undetected okay so you just going to get rid of campfire now because you know always keep map clean and you going to equip bow you going to hit r to put the bow on our back.

Valheim First Boss Fight Guide

Valheim First Boss

Once we start the fight we can hit r real quick to put the bow back you put the deer trophies in the hot bar and you look at the altar and hit seven so if we stand on this side it should end up over there so there we go or does he just show up random we don’t know we feel like he always ends up behind me somewhere he’s going to show up over here so what we going to do is we going to hurry and run in here and we need to get up here as quickly as possible so now you going to grab our bow and you just going to start shooting him.

You can see there we took some damage but you fine you ideally want to block you going to block and he knocked us out which is not good so we want to get back up in there as quickly as possible the point of this is being up high you need to be up high and you just keep shooting him okay we think he’s stuck now yeah you do not want to be on the ground if you’re on the ground he’ll do his attacks and he will waste structure really quickly the important thing is to stay up now what we can do to make sure that we stay up is quickly grab a building.

You can throw a piece but then we won’t be able to get up quickly so that’s up to you whether you want to do that but he should for the most part glitch out now a lot of arrows we just going to do kind of limp arrows at him because otherwise I’ll bust him down really quick and we just want to show you that if you’re only doing eight nine four however many damages to him that you can get him relatively easy so this is it this is all you have to do at this point once again like we said you want to make sure that you’re up high and you don’t get on the ground because if you do fall down on the ground for too long.

He will destroy the structure and once he starts destroying it just goes bad really quickly but for the most part, he should not be able to get to you and he should just shut down he may do some of his attacks if he does do any of his attacks just try to block when he does them and if he does the big one that pushes you.

Just try to get back up as quick as possible or seal yourself in and he should not be able to knock you out and then we just do a couple of power attacks just to finish him off there you go so that’s it that’s how easy that fight is if you just make a tower like this now also you want to make sure that you kind of keep at least as far apart as far from your structure doesn’t try to build a wall like right up on structure try to keep it a little bit away you want to keep him away from you if that’s what breaks the awe he can’t figure out how to get to you and he just kind of shuts down also like we said you want to make sure that you stay up in structure because if he can get too close to you he will start doing his antler attack.

He nudges you or lunges at you and when he does that this will come tumbling down very fast we think that covers anything if you any questions about anything let me know down in the comment section i’ll do my best to answer them we think we covered everything pretty thoroughly there um just make a structure like we said similar to what done here make sure it’s a little bit far from you and then just get up in the air and he can’t really figure out too much what to do he like we said he may still do some of his attacks if he does the like the lightning attack should shoot under you the bubble will push you back it’s really nice if he’ll end up over there on the other side and he pushes you into a wall or you can just get up here and seal yourself in up to you.