Valheim Biomes: How To Locate All Biomes & Tips

Today we’re going to be talking about the different biomes in valheim there is a lot to talk about when it comes to the biomes in valheim there’s some that are in the works there are some that have yet to have been released and there are some that we all know and love specifically.

Mountain Valheim Biome

The big Valheim mountain biome is the deep north these deep north biomes are so cool really snowy and they have nice mountain tops as with all the biomes, There are currently no unique enemies in it so it’s pretty damn peaceful you can’t just run around and do nothing is there to hurt you but when actually gets officially released it would be super cool to see some stone golems you know some drakes maybe some wolves in there and for sure they gotta add some new unique enemies in there imagine just how cool it will be when these biomes get released to walk in there and just see some yetis chilling out but safe to say we can’t wait for deep north by him to be released officially.

Ashlands Valheim Biome

The ashlands is the one that you can see opposite to the deep north on the map is the red biome and it is a scary place biome is still in development the others and it’s already pretty terrifying so actually does have enemies that can hurt you and they are certainly we know sterling’s from the swamp the little fireball guys there is a lot of them here so definitely be careful but the atmosphere of place is so cool the way your screen gets that red tint to it you can see all the ground is ash it just adds to the atmosphere place looks pretty cool and as you can see here there was a resource called glowing rock and of course we had to mine it and see what it gave me and it gave me flame metal now unfortunately flay metal is still in development as well so currently there isn’t any use for it in game but it does look pretty cool you can smelt it in a blast furnace to get the flame metal ingots but still no actual use for it yet we can’t wait to see what we’re gonna be able to use for imagine having a fire sword or a fire axe and the mobs in place there is so much potential imagine an elite circling just a big brute circling they would look so cool and having maybe a natural disaster event of a volcano in biome would be something interesting there’s definitely a lot to play around with here and i’m excited for when it comes out as well quick side note if you need startling cores just go to biome you can get so many in such a short amount of time from killing the earlings.

Mistlands Valheim Biome

The last biome we are going to be talking about is the mistlands is by far the scariest one under the three so as you can see it has a lot of the shared elements from the swamp biome but it has a lot of cobwebs which can only mean that we’re going to be getting some sort of spider enemy in the near future since when was valheim becoming a horror game we swear to god but the spiderm definitely has a very scary atmosphere and just imagining spiders crawling all around we think i’m going to be avoiding the miss lance another thing to note about the mistlands is it has its own resource that you can’t get unfortunately but it’s definitely going to be attainable in the future you can see here i’m hovering over something called ancient root my thought is it’ll give you ancient wood the ancient tree gives you ancient bark maybe gives you the ancient wood could be something along those lines or it could just be another way to get ancient park but very cool and really creepy just imagine a bunch of little spiders crawling all around the trees and the cobwebs and big mother spider of the boss fight.

Black Forest Valheim Biome

The Black Forest provides a whole new level of materials and upgrades for you to utilize and discover there are new enemies dungeons and a second forsaken boss for you to defeat if you’re lucky you’ll stumble upon a merchant who you can use to buy unique items from breaking each of these groups down further the Black forest provides new materials these materials are blueberries yellow mushrooms thistle core wood as well as tin ore there are a couple new categories of enemies in the Black forest biome one is grey dwarfs they are graylings but larger and stronger they have shamans and brutes among their ranks which cast magic and have higher health pools as well as deal more damage additionally there are trolls these are very large blue creatures who are very slow but deal massive amounts of damage you’re going to want to team up on them or sneak up on them to defeat these lastly there are skeletons these are usually found around dungeons come in a couple different variants of both melee and ranged attacks.

Swamp Valheim Biome

The swamp is the first real challenging biome in Valheim, the Meadows and black forest are nothing compared to is due to a lot of strong enemies and the location of the Valheim swamp Biome. To find these swamps what enemies you will encounter and how dangerous they are what materials and items. After you have defeated the elder how do you even find one we think we all know by now that every map is different so there is no exact location for the swamp but all swamp locations have something in common first of all the chance you have to sail a bit is very high for me we found the first swamp all the way north of the island with the elder but after sailing across the ocean for quite some time we encountered multiple swamps in different locations whenever you are sailing you will recognize the swamp very easily due to the death trees on the shore also you can see it on the map as well it has a brownish color all swamp locations are very close to an island so the easiest way to find any swamp is to hop in your boat and sail close to the island and you will definitely find a swamp sooner or later whenever you see the swamp you should probably check it out but beware the enemies in the swamp are much more dangerous than you are used to make sure you have a bow and some arrows to keep them away from you.

Meadows Valheim Biome

What you’re going to need to know about the Valheim Meadows Biome number one stone need stone wood needs wood when you first start the game you’re going to be looking at basically building as quickly as possible the best ways to get stone and wood is number one to be finding it on the floor stone or wood it can be in the forest so in the little forest sections there might be branches laying around on the floor one over here a branch. Now if you don’t want that and you want to get and you want to sort punch a couple of things punch these saplings are easier to take down than any other anything else and if you eventually do get around to having yourself a little stone axe take out stumps and logs laying in the floor and the reason why is because they’re easy to take out you won’t get as much but they’re easier to get you to know the material to start with a straight updo that there are two types of wood in the Meadows biome to start with number one the beech tree is a beech tree it just gives you standard wood planks that’s all you’re going to be using but in fairness when you’re right at the beginning of the game wood is pretty much needed so chop down any tree that’s near you.

Valheim Plains Biome

The Valheim plains biome it’s going to be your all-in-one guide to surviving the planes now the planes are dangerous it’s the current sort of end game biome with some of the strongest creatures in the game. The creatures that you can face in the planes and we’re immediately being attacked by some of the worst things in the plane it’s not necessarily the hardest to beat by any means but just they’re so unbelievably annoying Valheim Deathsquito. Deathsquito are very strong you know when the when you first get here they hit very hard they’re very squishy and you know if you time your strike as they’re charging you like that you can melee them without taking damage they aren’t very squishy so pretty much anything and will one-shot them but they may one-shot you or two-shot you as soon as you arrive at the planes.

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