Valheim Iron: How To Get Iron In Valheim Guide

Valheim Swamp Key

If you need Valheimiron, you need to get the swamp key in order to get the key you have to defeat the second boss. Talking about the second boss is called the elder the location is going to be some random spot on your map because the maps are procedurally generated so who knows where it’s at on your map but you can unlock it pretty easy and have the game show you where it’s at just wandering around the forest until and read all of the little stones that are around there with the red text on them eventually you will find one that will just unlock it for you.

To summon him you are going to need three ancient seeds in order to get those you’re going to need to find the great dwarf nests those are the spawners they spawn the gray dwarf there is a specific one that comes out he has a club he has a chance to drop it now we advise to find one of these spawners and just set up shop and farm them as long as you’re standing there they seem to just keep spawning indefinitely and every now and then they will spawn one of these ones with the club and then you have a chance of him dropping a seed now the other thing you can do is you can just farm the nests each time you kill one of the nests you’ll get at least one seed.

How to summon him to let’s prep for summoning him to make sure you have decent armor and you’re well equipped don’t go in there with no little crap armor no armor. We highly recommend eating the carrot soup one cooked meat and one of the queen’s jam before you go in there if you do that it’s going to give you a massive amount of hp and a massive amount of stamina to burn both of which are going to be extremely helpful for the fight so once you have your armor and you have eaten and your health is full your stamina is full and you’re ready to go fight.

Valheim Second Boss Fight Guide

Valheim Iron

Let’s talk about the fight so once you’ve gotten to the altar for a boss you’re just walk up to the fire it asks you to burn an item just drag the ancient seeds up to one of the numbered slots up hit that number and it summons him now be the ready guy is no joke so have your bow ready and then wait for him to be summoned make sure you have plenty of health plenty of stamina and then you just fire the fire arrows at him.

Just hide behind it wait till he does that and then fire and then he will do it again and then you just fire and it looks like he’s stuck time the first time we did him he was not stuck he was actually a menace to fight so he does the roots too when he does that get out of the area that you’re in and go behind another pillar and then you just want to keep firing the fire arrows at him so the strategy that we used to take him down and like we said when we first fought him he was not stuck like he was now and he was all over me but apparently he can get stuck so kind of nice if he gets close to you he also has a massive stomp and we saw if we could get him to do it but apparently he does not want to the roots will also slap you and they hurt really bad as well the boss you need to take him down okay now that you got your key.

Valheim Crypt

Valheim Iron

The next thing you need to do is find a swamp because you need the crypt and the crypt is somewhere in the swamp we don’t know if there’s more than one there may be more than one they could be like the other dungeons that are on the map we haven’t made it that far but we did find one so you need crips the key unlocks the crips so that you can get into them inside those crips is where you find the iron but you have to find a swamp first.

Build a boat and just going around the area just stay next to the landmass that you’re on until you see a swamp or if you don’t see a swamp you can also just kind of run around until you’ve completely uncovered your landmass so if you take a look is starter island there’s a small river that separates the two landmasses so there’s a chunk and there’s a chunk down the swamp for me was all the way down here.

Once you’ve found the swamp then you need to wander around said swamp until you find a crypt so once you’ve entered the crypt you will find muddy scrap piles for me they were blocking the doorway you need a pickaxe we highly recommend bringing at least two pickaxes with you because they run down pretty quickly and there’s a lot of these to harvest so for me the first crypt that we found and that we went into there were four doors right at the beginning and they were all covered in the muddy scrap pile so you need to clear that completely out even once you think you’ve done cleared all of it out kind of just mash around a little bit with your pickaxe and make sure because there can be tiny little bits and there that you missed and going to increase your chances of getting more iron.

You can get iron out of them uh you can get other stuff too we think we got leather and some other random crap out of there so it doesn’t just give iron then once you get into the next area after you’ve cleared out the doorway there should be some chests and other stuff and in the chests, you also have a chance of finding iron so keep in mind that you will find iron but everything that gets you iron is not a 100 chance to get iron so the muddy scrap piles, while they can give iron, won’t always and the chests while you can find the iron in them won’t always have iron in them now here’s the downside once you have your iron you have to tote it all the way back to your house because you cannot teleport with any of the metals in-game.

Valheim Iron Bars

Valheim Iron

The scrap iron is what you’re after you take that scrap iron and you put it in your smelter and it gets you one of these iron bars it’s a one for one ratio when you pick up your first iron bar you will unlock all of these recipes we highly recommend after you get your first couple of pieces of iron smelted to make a stone cutter so the stone cutter well is a crafting station just like your workbench over so it will have recipes in it as you can see we can make a sharpening stone with it we can’t upgrade anything right now the only thing we have is the sharpening stone but it also works like your workbench and the fact that you need it to build stone structures so if we grab a hammer and we go over to the building and we highlight over the stone wall you can see that we need the stonecutter in three stone in order to make the stone wall anytime.

You want to make a stone structure you need to have one of these nearby just like you have to have one of the workbenches nearby to make a wooden structure luckily though it’s super cheap only costing you 2 iron bars and 4 stone and 10 wood and then if you break it down and move it you get all of those resources back so it’s no big deal if you have to break it down and it’s super good to have it also has to have a roof over it just like station the works workbench station it works the exact same as the workbench just allowing you to craft stone recipes apparently and make stone structures.

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