Blaze Fortnite Location

In Season 5 of Fortnite, many new features were introduced. NPCs were also released in season 5 of Fortnite. These NPC help the player with the challenges and also give exotic weapons to the player for some gold.

Players can even interact with the NPCs. Blaze is also one of the NPC in the game. Players can get Dragon Breath Sniper weapons from her. Players get the chance to upgrade their weapons, change them, or can purchase the new weapons from the NPCs.

Blaze is the Lava series outfit from Battle Royale. The players can purchase the skin from the item shop for V-Bucks. The blaze was introduced in chapter 2 of season 3. Blaze is said to be a powerful and unpredictable personality.

She is introduced as the NPC in chapter 2 season 5 and sells the Dragon Breath Sniper. Some of the exotic weapons can only be purchased from the NPC roaming around on the battlefield. You can easily find their location with the help of a map. In the recent update, Epic has announced that the NPC Blaze has been added and her exotic weapon is on sale.

Location of NPC Blaze Fortnite Skin

Many of the NPCs are hard to find and players find it difficult to locate their directions. The NPC can be found at a different location in Fortnite but they also have some specific locations where they can be found. To find the location of Blaze players can read the map and can easily find her.

Blaze is usually seen in two locations: one is Pristine Point and the other location is Timber Tent. If you find her in one location then you will not be able to find her in the other location. So if you want to get the exotic weapon from Blaze, you can search for her in these two locations.

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