Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack Leaked

Frost Legends Pack in Fortnite

Many new updates are made in the game every other week of Fortnite. Many new cosmetics will be released in the coming week. Years ago, many players were asking Fortnite to release new Fortnite packs and bundles. Now Fortnite releases many new packs and bundles every other week.

Fortnite has released a brand new pack in the v15.10 and we are expecting other new packs in the coming week. As Christmas is arriving, Fortnite has changed the map with the beautiful winter theme and with the arrangements of Christmas.

As the winter theme is released, the new Frost legend skin is also expected to be released in the coming weeks. The Frosty Legend pack includes three skins and three back blings. One of the skins in the pack is snow drift Fortnite skin. The skin features an ice body and drifts like snow.

The second skin of the pack is Fortnite snow heart skin that is as hard as a stone and cold as ice. The third skin is Frost’s broken skin. Since the exact cost of the pack has not been released yet, but according to the leaks, it will cost $ 19.99.

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