Sticks Restaurant Fortnite Location & How to Complete Challenge

In Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite, there are many new challenges for the player. These challenges must be completed on time. Because a timer is attached to these challenges and if they are not completed in the required time the challenges will disappear.

As you will complete the given challenge the next challenge will automatically appear in the challenge list. One of the twenty-four-hour timed challenges is to land at the stick restaurant location. If you are not aware of the location and leave the challenge before playing it then you will not be able to get the chance of getting XPs.

These are the additional challenges that provide the opportunity to the players to get XP. You must take help from the map to land at the exact location. The restaurant is located north of the Craggy Cliffs as referred to as the Fishsticks restaurant.

Before the match starts you must pull out your map and mark the large building in the Craggy Cliffs location you will easily find it because it is the largest building in the area. And then land on the top of that building.

Stick Restaurant Challenge

There are a lot of challenges, quests, and tasks through which you can earn XP after completing them. To locate the location of the challenge you will see a big blue mark on the map. You should follow the mark on the map and you will reach the exact location.

When you will drop on the top of the Stick Restaurant your challenge will be completed. So the challenge is all about landing on the top of the building. After completion of the challenge, you will receive 10,000 XP. And the next challenge will be unlocked for you.

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