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How to get GHOST Brutus in Fortnite?

After reaching level 20 in Fortnite’ Battle Pass, it’s time to spice things up for your Agent. Now, you can unlock GHOST Brutus and SHADOW Brutus. Just make sure that you have solved all 18 Brutus briefing challenges because you’ll steal and deliver the security updates in the final challenge. So, if you wish to know how all this would get done without interruption, continue reading!

Get GHOST Brutus in Fortnite

Unlocking Ghost Brutus requires the fulfillment of specific requirements. The eligibility criteria require your Agent to be above level 20. You can proceed further only if you have been able to complete the 18 Fortnite Brutus’ Briefing challenges beforehand. So make sure that you’ve ticked off the following steps from your list before trying to unlock Ghost Brutus style;

  • Purchase Battle pass and reach Battle pass level 20
  • Complete 18 Fortnite Brutus’ Briefing challenges

Brutus’ Final Mission

Once the tasks are over, the last step is going to be Brutus’ Final Mission. Brutus’ Final Mission comprises of steal security plans from The Rig, The Yacht, or The Shark in Fortnite. After stealing the security plans, these are supposed to get delivered to either GHOST and SHADOW.

How To Steal The Security Plans In Brutus’ Final Challenge

Follow the steps mentioned below to steal the security plans from each location. Take a look;

  • First and foremost, try to get access to the Agent base. This step should be followed by finding or locating a sever nearby.
  • Once you’ve found the server, it will provide you the prompt you require to steal targetted security plans. Players can either use the one near Fortnite’s phone booth or through team rumble to avoid interruption caused by henchmen.
  • Next, you’ll visit the yacht, the shark, and the Rig in the exact order for the mission. In the yacht, you’ll find the servers after entering through the bottom rear deck. Next, move through the middle of the lower level.
  • Now, it’s the shark’s turn. For that purpose, enter through the mouth of the shark. Once that gets done, run up the stairs and enter the security door. After turning left, you’ll come face to face with two rooms that are full of servers.
  • Lastly, it’s time to visit the Rig. The catch here is that the servers in this area of the map were quite tricky to locate, so it’s better to utilize the other two locations mentioned above.

How To Deliver The Security Plans In Brutus’ Final Challenge

Deliver The Security Plans In Brutus

Once these security plans are stolen, they will get dropped into the mailboxes/drop boxes instead of any safe houses. These dropping points aren’t much different from the usual mailboxes in terms of appearance.

The SHADOW dropbox and Ghost dropbox differ in terms of colors, so make sure you’re dropping it following the style you wish to unlock.

The SHADOW mailbox is white, and the GHOST dropbox is black. Once these security plans get delivered, Brutus’ Final Challenge will get completed.


Now you’re ready to unlock Ghost Brutus whenever and wherever you want. We hope this simple guide aids you in unlocking Ghost Brutus and stealing security plans in Brutus’ Final Challenge.

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