Where To Find Clues In Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges & Lazy Lakes

Season 5 of Fortnite contains many new challenges, and each of the challenges is difficult from the previous one. In this challenge, the player has to find clues in the direction location to head forward in the game.

When the player completes the challenge in the required time, they are rewarded with XP. Clues are usually the mailboxes, which are not easy to locate, but you can locate them with the help of the map.

To complete the challenge, you have to locate the clues in pleasant parks, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lakes. When you search on the map, you will easily locate these three locations.

After finding them on the map, without wasting time, head towards these locations. When you reach the location, you will find the blue mailboxes. This blue color will glow through which you can reach them easily.

Pleasant Parks

The first is hidden in the Pleasant Park location. The pleasant park is a few steps away from the pergola placed in the middle. The first clue in Pleasant Park is in the parking area. There you will find a mailbox. The second clue in Pleasant Parks is located on the northeast corner of the central park. The third clue is hidden in the southeast corner next to the short fence.

Holy Hedges

To find the first clue in the Holly Hedges is quite easy; it is located at the main entrance of the garden center near the car park. The second clue in Holly Hedges is located in the generator building inside a small black room. The third clue in Holly Hedges is located near the greenhouse.

Lazy Lakes

The first clue in Lazy Lakes is located in the northeast. To find the second clue, you need to head towards the northwest; there, you will find the clue. The third clue is placed near the steps up to the lazy lakes spa.

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