Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Challenges, Quests, Bounties, Weapons

If we had to define Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 in a few words, we’d refer to it as a bounty hunter’s heaven. The theme of this season is bounty-hunting inspired, hence it’s the perfect opportunity to practice one’s hunting skills.

Players already know how the Galactus event completely altered everything in the previous season, and the new season now withholds multiple new game concepts. There are so many new additions and modes apart from quests that players never knew before to summarize it all.

So, like other players, if you did not see all of this coming before, calm down because we’ve got the whole scoop. Our guide on Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 will tell you all you need to know about this brand new season of this world-class phenomenon. Now, you can step into the battlefield, knowing that you know everything one’s supposed to know to win the battle. So, let’s get started with Fortnite’s innovative, new Season 5!

Brand New Mythic Weapons

For those unaware, Mythic weapons can be generally more powerful than their standard versions in the game. The Mythic weapons that might be making a return this season are; Boom’s Sniper Rifle, Shadow Tracker, NightHawk.

The Dub, etc. In the previous seasons, players could avail of mythic weapons right after eliminating the boss AI enemies scattered around the map. However, now this situation doesn’t seem to be a compulsion, and players can find these weapons as a part of general loot.

Baby Yoda & The Mandalorian

If you seem to enjoy Disney Plus’s recent Star Wars endeavor named “The Mandalorian in Season 5,” then what we’re about to say will fill you up with splendor. Yes, you read that right; Fortnite is introducing the Mando and Baby Yoda in Season 5.

The infamous Mandalorian brings a fair share of quests that battle pass owners can complete gaining precious gold bars. Although players might find this stuff quite basic initially, Fortnite stresses how players can unlock even more style options for The Mandalorian. So, to unlock more stuff, you’d have to complete quests and level up past 100.

Furthermore, this brand new Star Wars reprisal also puts forth two brand new Star Wars items; The Mandalorian Jetpack, Amban Sniper Rifle & Razor Crest.  According to recent updates, this in-demand Mandalorian Jetpack won’t differ from previous jetpacks as it’s solely a reskin of the previous ones. On the other hand, the Amban Sniper Rifle will become the dream weapon of each player. That’s because this sniper rifle acts as both a gun and a melee weapon.

Season 5 Vaulted And Unvaulted Weapons

This particular season of Fortnite brings forth some great news as well as some not so great news. Let’s talk about the sad news first as, like previous seasons, Fortnite’s planning on vaulting some of our favorite weapons.

One of these classic weapons is the Scar, which has a fair share of enthusiasts. Some of the other weapons like Exotic weapons entering the vault this season include; Revolver, Scoped Assault Rifle, Epic/Legendary Pump Shotgun, Fire Trap, Legendary Combat Shotgun, Epic/Legendary Tactical SMG.

Although players will sorely miss some of these weapons, their sadness will surely subside with the return of season 5’s Unvaulted weapons. One of the many weapons making their return in season 5 is the P90.

The P90’s always been a fan favorite as everyone loves the idea of a gun with unlimited ammo. Some other guns that appear to be seeking freedom from the vault include; Storm Scout Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Balloons, Charge Shotgun, Double-Barrel Shotgun, SMG, Heavy AR.

Quests, Bounties And A New Currency

The introduction of a new currency has probably been making rounds around the news for a while. This addition by Epic Games can subvert the mechanics of the whole battle pass. Fortnite gold bars are for many purposes, including new purchases, intel, services, upgrading weapons, etc.

The purposes don’t end just here as you can now use gold bars to hire a personal bodyguard (for assistance). Furthermore, there’s a variety of ways to earn this currency. You can either take parts in quests or take bounties to kill your opponents.

Also, if you might search for a much simpler alternative, the whole island has multiple hidden stashes that you can look for and avail of right away. There’s no way to skip out this change in the game because, during season 5, new Characters solely use gold bars as payments. Hence, you’d have to be consistent and complete quests or bounties.

Tilted Towers Is Back

Yes, the infamous Tilted Towers’ made its return with a bang but with a slight change. This fore-mentioned landmark is now known as the Salty Towers. Furthermore, this site is slightly submerged in the sand as it’s right on the edge of a desert.

Being slightly submerged in the sand doesn’t mean that this classic landmark has lost its value because you’ll still be able to spot some classic buildings. The previously seen massive tower block is still quite evident in the middle alongside the Clock Tower.

Consequently, players will have a fair chance of availing gold bars and loot from the 2 Chests in the Clock Tower. This section was also popular during previous seasons due to the abundance of loot but generally considered a dangerous place.

New Landmarks And Advanced Hiding Tactics

There are a few more new places you’d find worthy of exploration. The latest additions in Chapter 2 Season 5 are more relevant to the map because there are 3 new POIs, alongside new landmarks. Thanks to these alterations, you can now find Stealthy Stronghold near the northwest of Pleasant Park.

Furthermore, the Colossal Coliseum seems to have taken over Frenzy Farm’s place. The addition of these new hunting grounds now allows players to practice their survival skills in various locations, jungles, or between crystalline sands.

As a part of new advancements, the middle of the island lies between a huge desert whose sand may improve your defensive strategies. The sand in this desert allows players to sink below the surface so you can move underneath and then sneak up on opponents. Consequently, players have a better chance at inflicting damage to their opponents unexpectedly and provoke an early elimination.

Fortnite Crew Monthly Subscription

Now, Epic Games offers you a chance to enjoy exclusive offers only provided to a limited amount of players. By taking Fortnite Crew Subscription, players will become eligible for an extra dose of entertainment in the form of additional skins and free V-Bucks.

This individual membership can cost around $11.99 each month, so if you know you can afford it, why not become a part of the chosen few. Furthermore, it’s possible to gain this membership right from the start of Season 5.

In this way, right at the beginning of Season 5, players might get full access to each Battle Pass and 1,000 bonus V-Bucks. There should be no sort of reservations left inside your head as Epic officials claim only members will get access to exclusive cosmetics.

Hence, those who don’t have the membership will never end up availing of any exclusive content. One of the exclusive Crew Pack skins is Galaxia, and it comes alongside Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling.

Amban Sniper Rifle And Dragon’s Breath Shotgun

Interestingly enough, this particular season has been able to witness an abundance of additions related to ammo. As a matter of fact, the previous chapter wasn’t that populated with new weapons at the start, so this season’s truly unique in every aspect.

In Fortnite chapter 2, season 5, there are way too many weapons to use. Some of these ammo related additions are usually the Mythic weapons Dragon’s Breath Shotgun (previously used weapons with slight changes). These mythic weapons will now be a bit more advanced as they now have a nice boost to the actual stats.


The changes in recent seasons might be a bit too tough on a few players initially, yet things might change for the better afterward. As Fortnite and Epic Games are infamous for their brilliant innovations every season, season 5 has many skins and cosmetics waiting to mesmerize players.

It’s fair to admit that the addition of gold bars will surely turn the atmosphere more competitive. On the other hand, it will be interesting to notice how the introduction of quests and bounties can alter the game.

We hope that this article helped you acknowledge every aspect of Chapter 2 Season 5. So, make sure that you stay updated with each new change, and don’t miss out on any chances of gaining Gold Bars.

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