How To Get Baby Yoda Back Bling Fortnite?

Unlock Baby Yoda Back Bling in Fortnite

In Fortnite Season 5, the Mandalorian crossover will not complete without the unlock of Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda’s name is The Child.

However, In Season 5, the player can get Baby Yoda as a wearable cosmetic. Baby Yoda is a highly important character in the Mandalorian and is the major factor behind driving the whole series.

The Mandalorian creates a close bond with the Child and thus swears to protect him at any cost. The Mandalorian never takes the Baby Yoda into the battle, and thus the player needs to unlock the Baby Yoda. Here is the guide for this task.

Fortnite Mandalorian

There is no quest or hidden task behind its unlocking, but players need to do some smart work. The Baby Yoda is part of Battle Pass rewards; the player is asked to reach up to 100 levels.

This may require a lot of money, effort, and time. Players can get a head start by buying 25 Battle Pass tiers for 1,800 V-Buckets. Each tier gives 150 V Buckets cost if the players choose to purchase tiers instead of leveling up. The total cost is 11,250 V-Buckets after the initial  1,800 for 25 tiers.

Baby Yoda can also be used with any skin instead of Mandalorian only. It may take much time for a usual player to reach up to 100 levels, but the Baby Yoda as a battle companion is worth it.

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