Fortnite Mandalorian Challenges: Guide & How To Complete?

Season 5 of Fortnite has brought a series of new challenges for the players. Fortnite season 5 has introduced the new hunters like Mandalorian game character. There are many different Mandalorian challenges you have to complete. After completing these challenges players can unlock many new skins and tools.

Mandalorian is the Fortnite season 5 skin which gets unlock as soon as the player buys the battle pass. To unlock the different Mandalorian armor pieces players need to Beskar challenges. Beskar challenges are unlocked as you level up in the game.

Mandalorian challenges are given below:

Visit Razor Crest

One of the easiest challenge of Mandalorian. The first challenge to complete is to visit the Razor Crest. The Razor Crest is located to the south of the Colossal Colesseum. To complete the challenge you just need to climb to the top of the Razor Crest and your challenge will be completed. And you will be rewarded with the Mandalorian Right Shoulder Beskar Piece.

Left Shoulder Piece

The second challenge of Mandalorian is to unlock the left shoulder piece. To unlock the Mandalorian left shoulder piece player need to earn Weapon Specialist Accolades. In Weapon, the Specialist player needs to complete the small challenges.

Complete Legendary Quest

This legendary quest is further divided into 5 new challenges. The first bounty challenge is the easiest one player needs to talk t the NPC to complete the challenge. Then the challenge is to go to the hunter heaven to save Lexa. Lexa has different exotic weapons player can buy it from her.

Left Thigh Piece

In this challenge, you need to find the vault that is hidden inside the shark belly. It has been protected by many other players so you need to be cautious. After reaching the Vault you will able to find the Beskar on the shelf.

Collect Gold bars

In this challenge, you need to collect 500 gold bars that are not a small amount. You can get these gold bars by completing the challenges.

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