Where is the Razor Crest in Fortnite

With the introduction of Fortnite’s Season 5, innovation has taken over the universe as there are tons of new landmarks and challenges. If the introduction of new landmarks might’ve complicated things for you, it has also opened gates for new challenges.

Fortnite’s Mandalorian challenge requires players to visit a relatively unknown location named Razor Crest. As locating the final spot in a giant purple-tinged desert might be too hectic for players, specific hints can surely make your job much more comfortable. The first part of this quest entirely relies on the discovery of Razor Crest, and later on, you may proceed towards other newly launched bounties.

Consequently, now’s the high time to earn gold bars and to spend it on much-needed rewards. So, let’s prepare for Fortnite’s Beskar challenge altogether by searching for Razor Crest. Our guide will answer all your queries regarding this sight and guide you on locating Razor Crest in Fortnite. Let’s take a look;

Mandalorian Challenges Razor Crest

How to complete the first Mandalorian challenge

One of the Disney inspired Mandalorian challenges requires you to visit The Razor Crest. So, for those unfamiliar, The Razor Crest is an iconic starship that currently resides in Fortnite. Thanks to its worse state, it’s docked near a particular famous landmark on Fortnite’s map.

Furthermore, the iconic starship in question belongs to Mando, the bounty hunter. Mando’s a character from The Mandalorian, and he’s a prominent name among Season 5’s Battle Pass’s skins. The area where Razor Crest resides can be a relatively dangerous landmark on the map, which is why each player must rely on their fast speed. The only thing poking danger here is the Mandalorian mini-boss who adores the idea of killing players with his sniper rifle and jet pack.

As stated earlier, to fulfill every Mandalorian challenge, including the shoulder plate challenge, you must visit Razor Crest. Apart from the Razor Crest, this challenge also requires Mandalorian’s Beskar shoulder pad’s recovery, but we’ll later work on it. Lastly, an important thing to note is that while you’d be busy visiting this landmark, it would be a hot visiting spot for other players too.

Fortnite Razor Crest Location

While searching for Razor Crest’s location, Disney’s “The Mandalorian” ‘s fans will have the upper hand as they’ll readily identify the bounty hunter’s infamous ship. As we’re familiar that Razor Crest has unfortunately crash-landed in the map’s south near Colossal Coliseum, the search radius will revolve around this area.

Furthermore, another hint pointing you in Razor Crest’s direction is to head towards east of Zero Point. Right across the edge of the desert, there’s a hilltop where you’ll be able to find the infamous crashed ship. The pathway here will be pretty straightforward; hence you’ll be able to locate it while you descend. Your only task is to show up at the location, and this action will unlock the first Mandalorian skin upgrade.

Mandalorian NPC And Gear

Although some players stop precisely at this point because the challenge ends right after visiting Colossal Coliseum’s top, you can also jump a step ahead by killing The Mandalorian NPC. Consequently, you can have access to a wide range of rare and powerful gear.

This action might sound much easier than it is because the consequences are rarely positive. To complete your latent plants, you ought to possess some loot, which is impossible to locate near¬† Razor Crest. So, instead of searching Razor Crest’s barren land for loot, you can search in plenty of nearby locations such as; the west of the Razor Crest.


Locating the Razor Crest is a pretty straightforward task if you possess some necessary information regarding infamous landmarks. Fortnite Season 5 has been able to witness a magnitude of changes in terms of challenges. Now that things seem to work a little bit differently, there’s a high chance of players being a bit too confused.

The new bounty system might seem a bit complicated initially, but the gold bar currency scheme will most definitely continue enticing players. Now’s the time to win as many Gold Bars to spend on any NPC around the map. We hope that this article answered your queries regarding Razor Crest and you reach the starship on time!

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