How To Play Fortnite? Battle Pass, Maintain Cover, Practice Zone Everything you Need to Know

Fortnite got a huge player base of its own, but the additions in this existing base are a never-ending process. New players learn about Fornite’s existence every day and try to test out their strategies as well.

Simultaneously, it can be hard for fresh players to make sense out of things old players might already be too familiar with due to endless rows of challenges. Yet, it’s never too late to learn each aspect of the game before that Battle Royale bus takes off with you and 99 other opponents.

To make things a bit more comprehensive for you, we’ve compiled a handy guide of our own. This guide’s particularly for those beginners who lack the essential know-how to steer them onto the right path. So, continue reading this brief guide on “how to play Fortnite” if you want to stay alive in Battle Royale for a longer period.

Important Tips of How To Play Fortnite?

Purchase the Battle Pass

There’s a variety of ways to enjoy Fortnite without spending a single dime, yet if you wish to gain the full experience, there’ll always be a price. If you don’t think the unpaid perks available to you are quiet enough, you can always purchase the Battle Pass.

This purchase will never end up going in vain as through the battle pass, you’d get access to the best skins and cosmetic items.  Furthermore, the Battle Pass isn’t as expensive as one might think, and all you need is a small 950 V-Bucks bundle ($9.99 / £7.99).

Lastly, if you still have any reservations, you can skip this idea. Yet, you should take into consideration how, after making this single purchase, you’ll end up opening doors to multiple things.

Opt for Assault rifles or SMGs

Nobody expects to be a gear expert right at the start of a game. Everyone requires a fair share of practice to become an expert. So, as this guide on Fortnite concerns players just getting started, choosing rifles and SMGs can be the easy way out.

While first figuring out the gameplay in Fortnite, you can skip on other weapons and choose the ones above to make things much easier for yourself. Furthermore, always remember while attacking an opponent, close or in-person shotguns will inflict the most damage.

Shotguns also ensure a one-hit kill and keeping them in your hands while exploring abandoned basements or buildings in Battle Royale will keep you safe from impending danger.

Don’t Neglect The Rarity Scale

Players might not be familiar with the fact that certain guns are rarer than some others in Fortnite. You can distinguish rare guns from less rare ones by consulting the rarity scales and the color of those guns. Grey guns are probably the least rare ones; meanwhile, green, blue, purple take the cake in rarity.

So, the bottom line is not to miss out on any rare RPG and SCAR assault rifles while completing tasks or while moving around. As soon as you spot a rare item, tap on the D-pad, and it’ll turn up in your inventory. Lastly, players can decide the value of a gun by keeping an eye on the amount of damage it can inflict; the more the damage, the more essential the weapon becomes.

Plan Your Drop From The Battle Bus

Most players tend to jump off the Battle Bus’ right after the alerting horn toots, but it’s better to wait a while. Right after the honk, several players alongside you will choose to jump off as soon as possible, but you, on the other hand, should resist the urge to join them. You can wait until the Battle Bus reaches the end of its flight path.

Consequently, you won’t have any trouble finding yourself a landing spot alongside other players. Furthermore, the less you’d be able to interact with those opponents at the beginning, the more time you’d have at surviving any aggressive action.

Right at the beginning, players tend to fight off to win a spot, and usually, around this time, players can gun down others. So, jumping later than most not only improves your chances at survival, but you’ll also face little to no competition involving loots. Lastly, while landing, aim for a building or a house as a landing spot because they usually contain loot-worthy chests.

Keep Your Headphones On

Now, this particular step might seem like a bit of a drag, but you’ll soon figure out how important it can be. While you have a decent pair of headphones on, you can hear the sound of footsteps or gunshots. The more clearly you’d be familiar with the surroundings, the better you’d be able to defend yourself from opponents coming from any direction. This particular tip can save your life as it provides you enough time to grab a shotgun or maintain a quick cover for defense.

Stay Wary Of The Fall Damage

In Fortnite, falling from a substantial height can inflict way more damage than one would assume. While climbing down hills or cliffs, make sure that you use all you have to neutralize the impact. For example, falling above three-story extracts a chunk of your health within seconds; hence you can build ramps or try to slide downwards. So, it’s better to take care of these matters instead of wasting time on healing from useless fall damage.

Maintain Upper Ground During Fights

Your best defensive strategy against enemies during a shootout is to be as high as you possibly can be. Consequently, you can either stay on top of tall buildings or build ramps on your own and then start shooting. There are around 99 players on the map simultaneously as you, so maintaining a strong defensive strategy is highly essential.

Cover Your Tracks

Not covering your tracks can give other players a chance to track down your position and hunt you down. Hence, if you find yourself destroying trees with a pickaxe, always abandon it around the 50 health scale. This action will ensure that you don’t leave a trail of destroyed vegetation behind you that others might follow.

Be As Sneaky As One Can

Although being defensive and frontal 24/7 has its own perks being sneaky can take you a long way in Fortnite. So, right from the start, players must edge themselves till they reach victory royale. No, we don’t suggest keeping yourself hidden throughout the game, as it can only spoil your experience. So, instead of hiding, try crouching. Consequently, players will be able to move much more quietly. The lesser sound you make, the more unaware your opponents remain.

Battle Lab Mode

At the very beginning, one can’t learn all the important Locations and landmarks on the map. Furthermore, taking into account how huge Fortnite’s map is, it’s nearly impossible to know each location by heart during the earlier stages.

This reason is why Battle Lab mode is the mode you’d be badly going to need. Learning the map is essential and creating a Battle Lab provides you free control over battle royale island. Not only this, but you can become familiar with the leading spawning locations for chests and vehicles in Battle Lab.

Choose The Right Game Mode

It’s essential to choose the right model of your choice. That’s because, at the start of each game, Fortnite will automatically fix you up in a squad with all the slots full of random players. As a beginner, you can make things easier for yourself by opting to go solo or landing in a duo. So, to make any changes of this sort, you can track a game mode and tap on the “Play!” button alongside that mode.

Your Locker Is Your Switching Station

What’s the fun in playing Fortnite when you can’t even try different things for a change. As stated earlier, the Battle Royale pass provides you a chance to use some of the best skins, banner icons, gliders, tools, emotes, dances, etc.

So, the question is, where exactly can you do all this on your own? The answer is your locker! You can switch in and out of all these things right from your locker until you end up satisfied with a single choice. Furthermore, Fortnite doesn’t allow players to change any of it during the match. Hence, it would help if you made all your choices way before dropping in the match.

Use Inventory For Storage

Without any doubt, you’d come across a large variety of gear and potions while moving around the island. So, storing some essentials can save you big-time during the hours of need. Your inventory can store items like grenades and potions for later usage.

Furthermore, Grenades are probably the best weapons to opt for while destroying an opponent’s cover and targeting a tall structure. Once your opponent’s cover gets destroyed, they’d stay much exposed to all your attacks. At the same time, if you’re on the other end of the attacks and need some extra healing, your inventory can take the lead under dire circumstances.

Start Harvesting Materials

Fortnite runs mostly on your defensive strategies, and these strategies include how you plan your hideouts. Under certain conditions, players can’t fight off opponents, and in that case, building cover can come handy.

Yet, to build something, the biggest requirement is to have material, and you can only gain material if you harvest it. Hence, while completing tasks, try to keep an eye out for structures that can provide the most material. So, it’s essential to save up sources like wood, etc., that can save you from impending hazards and enemies.

Treat Spawn Island As A Practice Zone

Most players remain unaware that Spawn Island’s supposed to get treated as a practice region for Fortnite beginners.

That’s the reason why players can grab guns, ammo, and building materials but unable to take them into the Fortnite map. So, during the few minutes, you remain inside Spawn Island, you can use guns to shoot others, but there would be no damage getting inflicted.

Landing From The Battle Bus

At the very beginning, landing from the Battle Bus is precisely the only thing that scares players the most. So, remember that the glider provided to players while plummeting down deploys on its own.

Hence, there’s no way to deploy it later on, and it will automatically do its job after reaching a certain height. Furthermore, the glider will automatically fold up after a player lands, and the only thing you must do here is to maintain your patience.

Maintain Cover At All Costs

If you have enough material to build a protective structure around you, then go ahead. That’s because while players are in the act of healing, they can be pretty vulnerable to the surrounding and other opponents. Furthermore, healing is a time-taking process, and you might also need a fair share of time to drink shield potions. You can either build a four-walled structure on empty land or clip it on the cliffs/hills.

Your Pickaxe Can Do Wonders

Visibly seeming like a common weapon, a pickaxe in Fortnite can be a solution to so many troubles. For instance, it’s common for new players to find themselves either trapped inside a building or in need of building one.

So, you can take that pickaxe and use it to smash your way out of a building. Furthermore, while using that pickaxe, don’t try to make way too much noise as it could alert nearby opponents. As soon as you start alerting opponents present nearby, a red circle will appear on the screen to alert you of your wrongdoing.

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Fortnite is a free-to-play Battle Royale game, and it offers multiple game modes to a variety of people. So, it’s totally up to your gaming skills and chooses which game mode or method you’d end up choosing.

At the same time, some certain choices and notations are helpful for each beginner. This guide aims to answer all the queries a beginner might face right at the start of Fortnite. Furthermore, this guide will successfully ensure that by the time you land from the Battle Bus, you’d have cracked each code.

Battle Royale’s gameplay is probably the most versatile out of all popular games nowadays, so soon, you’d be able to make sense out of things after a little bit of practice. Hence, it’s about time you leap into Battle because you’re nearly ready. May the odds be in your favor!

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