Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 New Weapons in v15.10

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 New Weapon

Fortnite v15.10 has brought many new updates in season 5 with the new weapons and details of the Christmas event. With every new season, Fortnite surprises the players with something unique and brand new.

Some of the weapons are the same as they were in the previous seasons with different names. In the new update, only three new weapons were added along with the bunch of new LTMs before Winterfest arrived.

The three new weapons that are coming to the game are the Dragon Breath Sniper weapon, Lever Action Rifle, and the big chill. These weapons are the best snipers and can shoot the enemy from a distance. There are already several exotic weapons that the player can achieve from the NPC.

Lever Action Rifle

Lever-Action-RifleOne of the most common locations of the weapon is Pleasant Park. Anyone can have this weapon from the loot or players can pick it up from the spawns.

The Lever Action Rifle has Ammo with heavy bullets, there are nine bullets in each magazine with a fire rate of 1.25, the reload time of the gun is 6.3 seconds this is the biggest drawback of the weapon. The damage that the gun causes are 58.

Dragon Breath Sniper Rifle

Dragon-Breath-Sniper-RifleThe Dragon Breath Sniper Rifle can be purchased from the NPC Blaze. The players can get this weapon for 1213 gold. The dragon breath sniper is a one-shot kill weapon. It can take an enemy down in only a few seconds. It has Ammo with heavy bullets with a fire rate of 0.3 seconds, the reload time of the sniper is 2.5 seconds, with 1 magazine size, and can do 116 damages.

The big chill

The-big-chillTo find the location of the Big Chill sniper players can take help from the map. It can be found on the south of Catty Corner. One of the best snipers with a magazine size of six and a fire rate of 0.75. The best thing about the big chill is that it freezes the enemy.

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