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Fortnite Green Arrow Skin

Fortnite brought many new items and products for the players. Many of them are released and some of them are on their way to the game.

Every new season has a new update with many new skins, weapons, sprays, gliders, and many other products. These skins appear in the item shop of Fortnite and the players can purchase them for some V-Bucks. Information about the green arrow skin has been given by some leaked news.

According to the leaked information, the Green Arrow skin will include Green Arrow skin, the quiver back bling, and a boxing glove pickaxe. It is expected that the skin will be released at the start of January and it would be a part of Fortnite monthly crew subscription.

Fortnite Green Arrow Skin The skin features a black and green outfit with a hoodie covering the face of the skin. And it has a black mask on his eyes. The skin features different dance moves and gestures that will be seen when it will release in the game.

Skin Details

Release Date:Unreleased

How to get it?

This is an DC Skin & it’s Unreleased.


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