Sage Valorant Agent

Sage Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Sage Overview

Sage gets described as an agent exactly opposite to other valorant agents. Sage is a calm and collected quintessential support character famous for her healing qualities.

This Valorant agent can maintain a balance of power in the battlefield as she cures other agents with her orbs and slows down opponents with barriers. Described as an essential part of the gameplay, Sage is pretty unique because no other valorant agent replicates her qualities.


Sage’s significant role is to defend other allies and agents with her healing powers of reviving health. She can also resurrection fallen agents on her side with her ultimate abilities.

Sage Abilities

  • Barrier Orb (C – 400 credits)
  • Slow Orb (Q – 100 credits)
  • Heal Orb (E – free, 35-second cooldown)
  • Resurrection (R – seven ultimate orbs)


Like the Phoenix Valorant agent, Sage possesses the power of resurrection but with a twist. Sage Valorant Agent can bring any ally of her to life after death. Her reviving ability to take up a short interval and then bring the targetted individual to full health.

Healing Orb

Sage is names after a healing herb; hence she also possesses the ability to heal others. Sage’s healing herb prompts her to cure herself and her allies during the hour of need with little to no effort. The allies that Sage wishes to heal can get targetted with a cursor.

Barrier Orb

Sage Valorant agent’s barrier orb does what the name implies. This barrier orb creates a gigantic wall, and it’s impossible to pass through that barrier for anyone. The wall resurrected by Sage can only be taken over by jumping or breaking it down. Furthermore, if you wish to rotate the orb in each direction, remember to right-click before you will cast the orb.

Slow orb

After a slow orb gets launched, it breaks down after coming in contact with the ground. Once it breaks down, everything around that region slows down. It’s a great way to slow down enemies and restricting their movements. Furthermore, their movements create enough noise to alert and prompt Sage for an attack leading to their elimination.

Sage Details

Gender Female
Origin China
Type Sentinel

Sage Skils

Basic Barrier Orb, Slow Orb
Signature Healing Orb
Ultimate Resurrection
Points for Ultimate 7


Sage is an essential part of team play as she not only inhibits movements but cures after heavy blows. Her kit is not to get forgotten as its irreplaceable!

Sage Gameplay