Phoenix Valorant Agent

Phoenix Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Phoenix Overview

Phoenix is a Valorant agent known for his brutally relentless fighting skills and the distinct quality if setting fire to the battlefield. Phoenix valorant agent features various qualities of a mythical Phoenix bird, which is why it’s so worth having.

Physically this duelist and the aggressive agent is adorned in flares and a jacket way too hot to handle, pun intended. Phoenix’s straight forward abilities can cause severe damage if used in innovative manners.

Phoenix Abilities

  • Blaze (C – 200 credits)
  • Curveball (Q – 200)
  • Hothands (E – free, refreshes after two kills)
  • Run it Back (X – 6 ultimate orbs)

Run it back

This is one of Phoenix’s ultimate abilities. Just like an actual Phoenix, Phoenix Valorant agent has the capability of resurrection. If there are any lethal blows, the agent can be brought to life at a previously decided spot during the gameplay. This ability is a unique quality absent is Man other Valorant agents.


Curveball’s signature ability aids in panicking opponents. This quality also helps in diverting their attention. In case of sudden attacks, Phoenix releases a curveball that transforms into a light and can blind any enemy that looks at it. Moreover, it’s called a curveball because it can get curved left and right with left-clicking and right-clicking.

Hot Hands and Blaze

These are two different abilities with remarkably similar nature and functionality. Through Hot Hands, the agent launches a damaging fireball that explodes when it impacts the ground. Every time an enemy passes over the zone, Phoenix heals, and the enemies receive damage.

On the other hand, with Blazes, Phoenix creates a wall full of flame to disrupt its enemies’ vision temporarily. This barrier is a turnable barrier through the left click and leads to severe enemy damage while Phoenix heals.

Phoenix Details

Gender Male
Origin United Kingdom
Type Duelist

Phoenix Skils

Basic Blaze, Curveball
Signature Hot Hands
Ultimate Run it Back
Points for Ultimate 6


Although resurrection via Run it back is a great ability, this Valorant agent will not gain an armor again. Hence, before using Run it back, remember to purchase armor and hold on to some creds.

Phoenix Gameplay