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Breach Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Breach Overview

The Breach is a Vaorant agent worth having on board thanks to its defensive conduct. This Valorant agent can blind, knock-up, or disorient opponents and cause terrain to deal with the damage.

In terms of appearance, Breach seems to be identical to Brimstone. The Breach is a buff ginger-headed agent with bushy brows and a beard.

This agent’s disruption abilities and the kinetic blasts he inflicts are pretty enough to clear enemy grounds. Moreover, Breach features the following abilities that are not worth messing with, if you’re on the opposite end.

Breach Abilities

  • Aftershock (C – 100 credits)
  • Flashpoint (Q – 200 credits)
  • Fault Line (E – free, 35-second cooldown)
  • Rolling Thunder (X – 7 ultimate orbs)


This ability seems pretty similar to Aftershock, yet there’s a distinct difference. In Aftershock, there are explosions involved, but in Flashpoint, the flash functions to blind up every enemy in its reach. Another key difference is that Flashpoint activates faster during combat as compared to Aftershock.

Rolling Thunder

This ultimate ability is similar to Breach Valorant Agent’s fault line because it also created an earth quake’s impact. Not only does Rolling thunder disorient enemies, but it also knocks them out in addition to making them extremely vulnerable.

Fault Line

Like other abilities present in Breach’s kit, Fault-line requires a terrain and a cast indicator present on the minimap priorly. The fault line can ger fired after charging and equipment. Once it’s fired, it disorients all enemies in the zone by creating an earthquake effect.

Breach Details

Gender Male
Origin Sweden
Type Initiator

Breach Skils

Basic Aftershock, Flashpoint
Signature Fault Line
Ultimate Rolling Thunder
Points for Ultimate 7


Lastly, when Breach Valorant agent is on board, remember to keep an eye on the minimap’s abilities indicators. The yellow and red indicators will keep you alerted regarding the reach and circumstances. So, if the mission is to keep enemies far from any interaction with the spike, Breach Valorant Agent is much needed.

Breach Gameplay

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