Jett Valorant Agent

Jett Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Jett Overview

Jett Valorant agent is a reasonably famous and new FPS offered by Riot Games. She’s a true ninja, teaming with the capacity to catch-up enemies and escaping dangerous circumstances. Previously Jett was known as Project A. When it comes to physical aspects, Jett is a white-headed, slim female agent.

Furthermore, Jett is a fan favorite due to her remarkably aggressive abilities to harm enemies with her blade, without leaving a trace of her own. In terms of upward movement ability.

Jett Valorant agent is the best among all other agents. Also, Jett can be your best partner if you’re more into pubs and pick-up play. Let’s have a look at some of the abilities that make Jett Valorant Agent stand out.

Jett Abilities

  • Glide – (Passive)
  • Cloudburst (C – 100 credits)
  • Updraft (Q – 100 credits)
  • Tailwind (E – free, refreshes after two kills )
  • Blade Storm (X – six ultimate orbs)

Some of the abilities possessed by Jett Valorant Agent include:


Flings Jett through the air. Updraft provides Jett with the positional advantage that other agents lack. Hence, Jett can reach locations and snipe out enemies in a better manner.


Aces a minor distance in the direction you want. Players must be aware that after every usage, there’s a slight delay, and afterward, the ability automatically refreshes. Consequently, providing you the ability to use your gun all over again.


Produces a smoke cloud to disrupt opposing enemy’s sight for your advantage. It’s launched by clicking the skill button a second time. Once a player can have a keen knowledge of the map, you’ll get the ability to smoke area without even exposing and endangering yourself.

Blade Storm

Accoutre, a set of highly functioning knives, recharged every time an opponent gets killed. Click FIRE to launch a single knife and ALTERNATIVE FIRE to launch all the rest. These knives can cause high body damage and are also beneficial in the long run.

Jett Details

Gender Female
Origin South Korea
Type Duelist

Jett Skils

Basic Cloudburst, Updraft
Signature Tailwind
Ultimate Blade Storm
Points for Ultimate 6


Jett’s evasive fighting still will aid you in taking turns that most agents only dream of taking. So, propel high with Jett and back down enemies without even giving them a clue!

Jett Gameplay