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Valorant Agent – Omen Overview

Omen is a much-feared Valorant agent due to its ability to render his enemies blind and act as a rogue being. Omen always hunts in the shadow.

Also, it is said to sneak up on his enemies through teleportation, without leaving a trace. This ability remains unmatched to other valorant agents, rendering Omen’s kit as one of the best. Let’s have a look at some of the abilities adorned by this supernatural rogue Valorant agent.

Omen Abilities

  • Shrouded Step (C – 100 credits)
  • Paranoia (Q – 200 credits)
  • Dark Cover (E – free, 30-second cooldown)
  • From the Shadows (X – seven ultimate orbs)


Omen Valorant agent’s Paranoia is infamous for blocking its enemies’ vision with a straight-lined ethereal shadow. Anyone that comes across this ethereal shadow will face the wrath of nearsightedness.

Shrouded Steps

Omen can teleport through short distances like a phantom with this ability. EQUIP the shrouded steps ability and then notice its range indicator. Now, FIRE to start a very brief channel, select the marked location, and then teleport to that very location. Contrary to popular opinion, Shrouded steps aren’t an immediate ability and take up time to execute. Hence, it might not function that immediately during tight situations where you require a sudden escape.

Dark Cover

This ability leads to obstructing the opponent’s sight with the help of an orb. Omen launches out a stealth ethereal orb—this orb later on bursts into a circle of shadow at the very end. Moreover, if you wish to increase the distance, it can get charged. Charging up dark cover is also a great solution when you need to clear up sites for your team without disruption.

From The Shadows

This ultimate ability prompts agents to choose any location on the map for teleportation. During the span of teleportation, Omen resembles as a shade. If it gets noticed by the enemy, that shade can get destroyed, leading to the cancellation of teleport. Consequently, the Valorant agent will move back to the original location.

Omen Details

Gender Male
Origin N/A
Type Controller

Omen Skils

Basic Shrouded Step, Paranoia
Signature Dark Cover
Ultimate From the Shadows
Points for Ultimate 7


So, Omen’s ultimate ability makes escaping and attack even more unaffected by aiding in teleporting anywhere on the map. This proposition makes Omen Valorant agent’s kit one of the very best in the gameplay.

Omen Gameplay

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