How to get Justin Jefferson’s Griddy emote in Fortnite


Who doesn’t love Fortnite? It’s got so many interesting aspects that the game is fun for everybody. Well one of those features just became a lot more interactive with Justin Jefferson, an NFL player currently playing in Minnesota. He did his famous Griddy Dance every time he scored a touchdown and players will soon be able to do this too! There are also some great prizes available as well like apparel from Carl Irvin Jr., who played football at UCLA before moving on to play linebacker for Carolina Panthers fame, or even tickets to see Parson James live in concert which would make any fan happy!

The whole world is about to get a glimpse at Justin’s signature moves with his new launch in Fortnite. The Griddy Dance traversal emote will allow everyone to show off their creativity and try that famous move for themselves. Along with the significant choice of fashion, the collection includes skin and bling as well as skins containing special skills like Arcade Kid who is so cool he knows not to sweat from playing so much video games!

Is this the year of Justin Jefferson? Well, not necessarily. But if you’re an aspiring football player, he might be your best chance at getting drafted! This is because Epic Games just revealed that they will be releasing a skin bundle for their popular game Fortnite which includes the “Justin Jefferson” locker and quiver-of-the-elk pickaxe retextured with custom symbols specific for NFL 2021 draft day. In other words, any young athlete who has been dreaming of playing in the big leagues one day can now cop a skin to represent it! So go ahead and buy your merch today before it sells out!

Justin is the emote you’ve been waiting for. For far too long, emotes have been static and stationary, but with Justin, now players can finally move while sending a message. You get to combine two of your favorite things: an epic song and cool moves – because why not?

It’s not often that Fortnite is able to get a verified athlete into the game, but that’s all about to change with Justin Jefferson. The crossover potential is almost limitless – forget about this being just a video game. This could be one of the biggest things to happen in athletics and pop culture this year!