Raven Location in Fortnite: Where is Rebirth Raven in Fortnite Season 6

Raven Location in Fortnite

For those looking for a high-powered consumable that will boost your damage in fights, then it’s time to welcome our new Raven S6 Battle Pass. Each day of the battle pass you’ll get to unlock more raven skins and goodies from her exclusive mystery box. Use #RebirthRaven on social media to unlock rewards even faster!

Fortnite, an ever-evolving game with a storied history, has been updated over the last 6 seasons. In Fortnite season 6 players will find Rebirth Raven living in her house just west of Sweaty Sands.

Rebirth Raven may be one of the most isolated areas on a very expansive map, but she doesn’t suffer from loneliness. You’ll find plenty of other players jumping into her lair to scavenge fresh loot and come up with their next move.

Raven Location in Fortnite

When the dark circles around Fortnite’s map begin to move, one player automatically gets a sick feeling in their stomach while others’s laughs with relief. Regardless of which side they fall on, all players can’t leave her fate up to chance. Of course you could just keep your eye on those dark circles and pray for a decreasing storm distance or you could call an expert like Rebirth Raven who accurately predicts where the Storm Circle will be next! Don’t be taken by surprise and let unlucky happenings shape your game start terminal.

Raven is an alternative skin available for players that have reached level 77 in the Battle Pass. The classic Raven style can be unlocked by reaching level 85 in the Battle Pass, making it a great reward to work towards! Whether you’re gearing up for battle or just need to update your look, get yourself some of that Raven magic now at Fortnite’s Item Store.

Raven is our pick for the best way to get XP. Raven missions are quick and fun, especially once you discover their sneaky glitches. You can level up quickly in Season 6 of Fortnite with raven missions, so start your quest today!