Where To Find Raptors in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 All Loactions

The raptors took their time in coming to Fortnite Island. One of the week 7 challenges tasks players with hunting down two, and they can be difficult opponents as well-they’re tough to catch! Raptors don’t show up randomly either; if you hear a call, get ready for an intense fight ahead.

The Fortnite players are on the hunt for their prey. The elusive raptors, one of a kind in game, can be found near these eerie calls that echo through all corners of this new world’s map. This week 7 challenge is not difficult to complete since they are so fast and able to absorb much damage but if you’re looking for some tips take note: They spawn randomly across the island so keep your ears open!

You never know what you’ll find in Fortnite. Two of the many things that will surprise you are raptors, which can be found all over town and even just outside our own house! Check out this map from to see where they’re hiding – three packs at Weeping Woods near Catty Corner? That’s practically like your back porch when it starts raining.

raptors in Fortnite

These animals are very fast and it’s a challenge to outrun them in the game. If players do engage these animals in combat, they will need to bring plenty of firepower,s or else there’ll be an issue when things go wrong. Assault rifles and SMGs work best for hunting down raptors because that offers distance from being hurt by their attacks while also getting shots off quickly enough with just one hand on the controller without looking at your aiming reticle which is indispensable if you’re trying not to get eaten alive! Players could also make use of the explosive bow since those allow us to deal damage from afar.”

If you’re set on taking down these raptors head-on, it’s best to do so in multiplayer. Solo players are more than likely going to be taken out with a few quick strikes from their large claws and sharp teeth. However, if you have friends that can support your crazy idea of running around trying take them on up close then by all means go for it! There is another option: drawing the beasts away from populated areas using meat as bait before eliminating them at range or while hidden behind cover such as trees. That way we keep our townspeople safe…or semi-safe anyway – Fortnite really needs some better building standards!!

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