Viper Valorant Agent

Viper Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Viper Overview

Adorned in a Kim Possible inspired dark hair and green/black look, Viper is as dangerous as her name sounds. Viper Valorant Agent is a much-feared Valorat agent due to her ability to mark her territory and get rid of the enemies. Furthermore, Viper Valorant got designed to take control of areas on the map and creating space. For this purpose, Viper Valorant Agent utilizes the creation of intimidating walls and poisonous spheres of gas.

Goal of Viper Valorant Agent

As entailed in Valorant’s official gameplay video for Viper Valorant agent, her goal is to eliminate her remaining enemies e.g., Jett, Cypher, and Sage. Moreover, she’s willing to plant the spike swiftly, and Viper also lies in the unfavorable 1v3 clutch scenario.

Viper Abilities

  • Unique character trait – Fuel
  • Snakebite (C – 100 credits)
  • Poison Cloud (Q – 200 credits, fuel-based)
  • Toxic Screen (E – free, fuel-based)
  • Viper’s Pit (X – 7 ultimate orbs)


This ability prompts Viper to projectile vomit an explosive, poisonous pool of toxic acids.

Poison cloud

Viper’s ability releases a reusable gas emitter that aids her in maintaining cover. This emitter gets usually deployed in the spike site, and it can be redeployed after a short period as well. This Smoke cloud can get eliminated as soon as Viper spots a Cypher hiding behind the curtain and get rid of it right away.

Toxic Screen

A toxic screen is a massive wall of poisonous gas emitters. This ability goes hand in hand with the Poison cloud when it comes to functionality. So, every time an enemy will pass through this toxic wall, they will experience health damage. Also, this is a free ability.

Viper’s pit

Viper Valorant agent’s deadly AOE ultimate is not to be messed around. Viper’s pit requires seven orbs, and it’s a great trick to highlight enemies from afar. Viper’s abilities enable her to create massive poisonous clouds that can only maintain their shape until she’s inside them. As soon as an enemy places a foot in the toxic region, Viper traces its player model, making it an easy kill.

Viper Details

Gender Female
Origin United States
Type Controller

Viper Skils

Basic Snake Bite, Poison Cloud
Signature Toxic Screen
Ultimate Viper’s Pit
Points for Ultimate 7


Viper Valorant agent is one of the most brutal and edgy agents; hence, her kit is tricky to hold over. Once you’re able to get through the tricky part, this agent is extremely satisfying for you ad nerve-wracking for the opponents.

Viper Gameplay