Cypher Valorant Agent

Cypher Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Cypher Overview

Cypher is infamous for its tracking abilities. Cypher Valorant agent’s kit features abilities most prominently used to track down enemies even from a distance.

Hence, Cypher is an agent worth having aboard on the team. It wouldn’t get called wrong to label Cypher Valorant agent as a surveillance network.

Cypher are known as great guards of bomb sites in addition to featuring indirect damage skills. Let’s have a look at some of the most renowned qualities of this infamous Valorant agent.

Cypher Abilities

  • Trapwire (C – 200 credits)
  • Cyber Cage (Q – 100 credits)
  • Spycam (E – free, can recall recasting)
  • Neural Theft (X – seven ultimate orbs)


Cypher’s Spycam does what the name implies. By using this ability, Cypher can keep track of various locations, even from afar. The camera even features the ability to shoot darts that track down enemies from a distance. A thing to remember is that the darts and the camera are prone to get destroyed by the Cypher Valorant agent’s enemies.


This is an essential ability that allows Cypher Valorant Agent to impose tripwire at targetted areas. This tripwire aids in creating a line that spans to the wall present on the opposite side. Later on, any enemy of Cypher that comes across this area suffers from damage. The enemy ends up getting tethered if it doesn’t get destroyed on time. This ability can also get redeployed and used for another round, making it another fantastic quality.

Neutral Theft

This superior ability is only workable every time Cypher comes across a defeated enemy. Also, the timespan to use it is only 30 seconds. So, every time a fallen enemy comes in Cypher’s path, Cypher Can throw its hat in its body. This ability also will help in getting an idea of other enemies’ locations.

Cyber Cage

Cypher’s Cyber Cage enables the creation of an invisible trap that also turns into a smoke grenade. The smoke grenade will slow down all the enemies that come in contact with this trap. Doesn’t this remind us of Sage’s slowing orb? Cyber Cage can only get used twice during a single round. Moreover, a great thing about this trap is that it can even get activated from afar if Cypher Valorant Agent is looking towards the relative direction.

Cypher Details

Gender Female
Origin Morocco
Type Sentinel

Cypher Skils

Basic Trapwire, Cyber Cage
Signature Spycam
Ultimate Neural Theft
Points for Ultimate 7


Cypher Valorant agents can act as great beneficiaries if their indirectly aggressive abilities get appropriately used. Furthermore, communication with the whole team is the key when it comes to Cypher Valorant Agents.

Cypher Gameplay