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Brimstone Valorant Agent

Valorant Agent – Brimstone Overview

Brimstone Valorant agent is a buff defensive commander. Brimstone gets labeled as one of the ideal Valorant agents when it comes to delivering utilities.

Brimstone is the man when it comes to ensuring the squad’s advantage under any circumstances. Moreover, his signature grenades, airstrikes, and rapid-fire-inducing beacons require no time in damaging opponents to the max. Let’s have a look at Brimstone’s Valorant Agents’ remarkable abilities.

Brimstone Abilities

  • Stim Beacon (C – 100 credits)
  • Incendiary (Q – 300 credits)
  • Sky Smoke (E – 100)
  • Orbital Strike (X – six ultimate orbs)

Orbital Strike

This ability is an excellent opportunity to cause damage from a distance during gameplay. While using this ability, Brimstone leads an orbital strike on a selected location, causing havoc upon enemies. Moreover, the strike in question does not perform only temporary damage but also causes immense stress that lasts up to a vast period.

Stim Beacon

Brimstone’s next ability proves his stance as an ideal teammate. With Stim beacon, this Valorant Agent targets a selected area. Brimstone then calls in a Stim Beacon, which provides an improved fire rate and lesser recoil to his nearby teammates.

Sky Smoke

Sky Smoke is much similar to a smoke grenade. The smoke screens initiated by this ability can obstruct the enemy’s vision. Sadly, this weapon can only get deployed a total of three times. Yet the good part is that Brimstone can deploy it on any location present on the map.


Much like usual grenades, Incendiary prompts Brimstone to launch incendiary grenades. The grenades then release a pool of fire on the ground that damages enemies that are passing by.

Brimstone Details

Gender Male
Origin United States
Type Controller

Brimstone Skils

Basic Incendiary, Stim Beacon
Signature Sky Smoke
Ultimate Orbital Strike
Points for Ultimate 6


Brimstone’s offensive and defensive strategies are equally impactful. So newbies, get a hold over this Valorant agent and his fantastic kit!

Brimstone Gameplay

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