Fortnite Drop Off A Vehicle At Catty Corner Challenge

We’ll be showing you how to complete the challenge drop off a vehicle at catty corner in lazy lake or caddy corner now the gas station in the lazy lake can be found and then the gas station in candy corn is around there but for the one at the lazy lake you can have your vehicle from anywhere, it doesn’t matter whether.

It’s within lazy like outside of lazy lake then all you have to do is just take your vehicle come over to these gas canisters preferably not do that although realistically it shouldn’t matter all that does matter is that you park your car just around these gas pumps.

Then get out of the vehicle and just drop it off there at the gas station and then it’ll be the same thing at caddy corner you just want to come to this gas station whatever car you’re in just park it near these gas canisters and then just drop off the vehicle there a lot.

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