Fortnite Collect Cookbooks From Pleasant Park And Craggy Cliffs

Collect Cookbooks From Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 1

Find some cookbooks in craggy cliffs and pleasant park so as you come into craggy cliffs from the southern end you want to go to the first building on the left-hand side right about one that almost looks like oh actually is a clock tower okay cool going to the bottom of this building and just behind the staircase, you can find your first book.

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 2

Next one you want to basically continue over to the west so ignore the captain fish one you want to come into the building that’s got the oink sign and you want to go to the middle floor so come up these steps go straight through this doorway and when you make your way towards the back of this kitchen you can see another book.

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 3

Then your third one for this location is over in the building on the very far west so in the basic the fully southwestern corner in the map again you want to come right the way down to the ground floor and pretty sure it’s in this kitchen there we go so there’s another one which is all good and then other than that there is supposed to be one over in this building just but personally we can’t seem to find it we don’t know whether it’s stuck inside of boxes or whether um the early information is incorrect but we just genuinely couldn’t see a book inside of anywhere but just for the reference there’s another one there so just showing you quickly on the map you’re looking in the buildings.

Fortnite Collect Cookbooks From Pleasant Park

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 4

Go over to the pleasant park and show you the final ones whilst we’re on the way over by the way thank you very much to everybody who’s encoding the little wood in the item shop that’s fantastic if you do and there’s some really cool stuff that’s been coming out recently street fighter alien.

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 5

The next one is in the dog house and it’s just there you go so if you don’t know by now at the pleasant park the dog house is basically the building in the top right corner.

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 6

The next one is over at the town and it is the red house so basically the most northwestern building you want to come in through and pretty sure right in the kitchen.

Fortnite Cookbooks Location 7

The next one is going to be the yellow house so come through the front door swing a right you’ve got a cookbook right pleasant park’s probably the better location to drop just as long as you can actually stay alive because obviously there are so many people going to be dropping.

next one on the longest row of houses you can get three in very rapid succession you’ve got another cookbook just there and then, of course, our final one is in this house and as you can probably guess it’s probably going to be in the kitchen swing the corner cookbook chilling.

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