Get Intel From Character Fortnite

All the quests this week are pretty easy including the legendary one where you just have to duel characters but there’s one you may have issues with because you’re probably not really sure what it means so this is stage three of four and it says get intel from character Fortnite.

So you only have to do this once but what intel means is some of the things that you can buy from certain NPCs for example Lexa will offer an ability to see nearby treasure chests and there are multiple characters that do this we think Ragnarok’s one grumbles so some of the NPCs don’t always offer.

This intel for example grumbles who is found in fort crumpet way up sometimes he’ll offer the intel to find nearby treasure chests and sometimes he won’t now we think Lexa is an NPC that always offers.

Alexa in hunter’s haven in this building so we’re going to stop by and see if she can offer us some intel right down so right this is it it says treasure chest so the exact location of Lexa again is right on the left side of hunter’s haven.

You walk up to her and you buy the treasure chest we think it’s ten gold it says reveal nearby treasure chest boom and there you go that is intel so we think Lexa always gives it like we said well now we feel bad because that guy was probably doing the same thing and we just took him out.

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