Valheim Fine Wood: How to get Fine Wood? Guide

valheim fine wood

Today we going to be showing you guys how to get Valheim fine wood in a game of valheim. However, you want to pronounce it anyways there are two ways to do this there’s a completely idiotic way in that way we going to describe last or there’s the sensible way that everybody should be doing.

1. Valheim Fine Wood

The sensible way the way that you actually should be getting fine wood is you find valheim birch trees you find oak trees you don’t go out with the basic sort of axe you go with a valheim bronze axe or better you knock those trees down and now you can get fine wood from them so that’s a valheim oak tree or valheim birch tree.

2. Valheim Fine Wood

You’re want to use trees to cut down trees now if you’re high we probably just blew your mind but that is a thing in a valheim what you can do is you can use trees to bump into other trees that are harder for you to cut down they’re going to do damage that tree and then you can take that tree out knocked down the tree to create sort of a roller knocked another tree onto that roller and it just lines me up perfectly with this birch tree.

So we just run back and forth a lot to damage the birch tree eventually it just destroys into a million pieces we be able to get my fine wood that way it is extremely time consuming it’s extremely annoying it has no real benefit to you whatsoever but there’s been some devout there that’s very upset that you managed to do this or very happy because you’re using a mechanic that they thought nobody would be stupid enough to use anyways.