Fortnite Crew Subscription How to Get & What Will You Receive in This?

Fortnite season 5 brought many amazing updates and unique features. The number of changes in Map and introduction of NPC has made the player more addicted to the game. NPC in the game provides different challenges and quests to the player.

When the players complete these missions and challenges, they are rewarded with the gold bars through which the players can get exotic weapons and many other products. There was leaked information about the crew subscription in the future, and on that night, the monthly crew subscription was made available.

The Fortnite crew subscription means that the players can get the season pass with their subscription purchase along with V-Bucks, cosmetics, weapons, and many other things. For the monthly subscription, the player has to insert USD 11.99.

If you want to join the crew subscription, then in the menu, go to the Battle pass Tab, and on the left side of the menu, you will see a yellow Fortnite Crew button. Click on the button; you will have to make payment for the first month to buy the season 5 Battle Pass. If you already purchased it, then you will get 950 V-Bucks in return.

Other information about the Crew Subscription

When you will get the crew subscription, you will receive 1000 V-Bucks, a Galaxia skin, and other products related to the skin. After getting the subscription, if you want to cancel it, then first you need to login into your Fortnite account. In the setting, open the account management tab.

Another option is to go to the Battle pass page and click the yellow Fortnite crew button again. On the right button of the page, you will see a cancellation button. Click on that button. After these steps, your subscription will be canceled from Fortnite. This method works only for PCs, so if you are a PC player, this information will be useful for you.

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