Fortnite Character Locations, All Fortnite 40 Character Collection & Locations

Fortnite Character Locations 40

Fortnite Characters aren’t something players haven’t seen before in the game. Yet, this latest addition of characters will change the course of battle royale. Now, the NPCs in Chapter 2 Season 5‘s Battle Royale have added a brand new twist as they hold the key to a long list of reward-promising tasks. Around Fortnite’s island, about 40 NPCs are waiting for interactions and have a multitude of tasks. Well, the map is huge, and there isn’t enough time to look out for each character. Hence, we’re here to help you with our brief guide on each Fortnite character’s location. You can now check out each of these locations and extract Bounties or other Fortnite quests to earn Fortnite Gold Bars. You can even recruit other NPCs for your help as they can join you against your opponents or battle against you.

Characters In Fortnite’s Season 5

Locating each character is visibly essential during season 5, as you most definitely need to interact with them. Even if an interaction with a certain character doesn’t go as planned, you can track down others if you might be familiar with plenty of locations. Characters in Fortnite can offer you various options in terms of tasks, and upon completion, the consequences will be to your advantage. Some of these possible task choices include the following;

Quests: A mission consisting of a quick task, for example, harvesting a particular material.

Duel: A small challenge requiring players to defeat other Characters’ characters in combat and collecting the opponents’ weapons.

Bounty: Fortnite Bounties are small contracts set between you and an NPC. This particular contract requires you to kill another specific opponent within a designated time limit.

Fortnite Character Locations

Once someone logs in to Fortnite: Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 5, they’d come across the Collections screen. By setting a quick look upon this particular panel, you’d be able to notice the 40 distinct characters enlisted upon that panel.

So, this means that during the recent season, you have a chance to meet about 40 Fortnite characters in total. So, visibly enough, the number’s truly huge, and you’re running out of time. It’s clearly evident how hard it would be to find each character’s location on this huge island.

Henceforth, our guide will keep you quite updated with each character’s location on the map. In this way, you don’t have to look into every nook and cranny to get bounties and quests. Furthermore, you can always consult the Collections tab at the Quests screen to stay reminded of the ones you might’ve missed out on.

Some of the characters on the collection tab will most definitely spawn at a single specific location, but a few tend to appear at multiple locations simultaneously. Also, if others have already eliminated the character you so desperately intend to meet, you won’t be able to find them at the described location.


As the importance of interactions with character’s established by now, it’s also important to be wary of the risks. Interaction with certain NPCs requires extra care due to their hostile natures.

Thanks to this hostility, some characters might not hesitate shooting you if you’re in range. Furthermore, the locations mentioned above are quite accurate, but the bottom line here is that a few might now spawn during every match.

Now that you know where you can find each character in Fortnite, you can accept tasks and then track your progress by scrolling through the Bars Quests tab. So, continue locating each character and accepting assignments to receive as many gold bars as you can in your inventory.

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